How to Get Rid of Bags and Dark Circles Under Eyes

No one likes to carry excess baggage, much less under the eyes. If you have puffy eyes, you may be on a quest to learn how to get rid of the bags under your eyes. Puffy eyes, bags and the dark circles that usually accompany them, appearing under the eyes age you and give the appearance of being tired and unhealthy. You can diminish or get rid of puffy eyes, and bags by understanding the cause and with a few simple tricks.

Causes of Eye Bags and Dark Circles Under Eyes

Mild swelling or puffiness are not unusual and can be temporary. Based on the health of your skin, you may eventually get the under eye puffiness with age, however, some get it sooner. Some causes other than unhealthy skin include:

  • With normal aging, the bags appear puffy because the tissues and muscles that support the eyes weaken. According to the Mayo Clinic, fluid may build up in the space below the eyes, causing swelling to the area.

  • Eating salty foods, fluctuations in hormone levels and weather changes can cause fluid build up and the bags or puffy eyes.

  • If the puffiness and bags are accompanied by redness or itching, the cause can be allergies or dermatitis.

  • Not getting enough sleep is another cause of puffy eyes.

  • Under-eye bags can also run in your family, and therefore, heredity can be another cause.

Home Remedies to Manage Puffy Eyes and Bags Under Eyes

Cosmetically under-eye bags or puffy eyes are not very appealing. There are some quick remedies you can try to reduce under-eye bags and puffy eyes.

  • Anything cool placed on the area can help. For example, you can wet a washcloth with iced water and apply to the area, and keep it there gently for a few minutes. A cool slice of cucumber or tea bag placed over the area may also help reduce the bags and puffiness.

  • It's recommended adults get about seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Getting restful sleep with your head slightly elevated will help release some of the water accumulated around the eyes.

  • Avoid any irritating products, such as soaps with sulfates, cosmetics, skin care or other personal care products that may cause sensitive skin or allergies.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Some of the same causes of bags under eyes and puffy eyes are behind dark circles under eyes. In fact, many times, the two go together. The same causes for both include aging, heredity, not enough sleep and also, unhealthy diet or crying for some time. These are more of a bother to look at, rather than a serious skin problem. Some natural bleaching agents or skin brighteners can help along with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Alcohol-free toner can help rejuvenate your skin and sooth away tired eyes.

  • Get enough rest and relaxation and plenty of sleep.

  • Eat healthy, balanced diet. If needed, take vitamins to supplement your diet. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

  • Use a concealer that best matches your skin, but just slightly lighter, to hide the dark circles. Follow with a facial foundation that does match your own skin tone.

  • Eye gel with fruit acids and sodium hyaluronate can even skin tone and reduce puffiness. 

    Professional Treatment for Puffy Eyes and Bags Under Eyes

    Permanent options can be more expensive and may require cosmetic surgery or treatment by a professional:

    • Wrinkle fillers, such as Botox, can be injected by dermatologists to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags. These are a temporary fix with a high price. They last approximately eight months and the cost may be $2000 or more.

    • An eye lift, called blepharoplasty, is a long term solution. The surgeon redistributes excess fat, muscle and sagging skin, during an outpatient appointment (Mayo Clinic).

    • Retinal injected into the area can help reduce puffiness as well, but this is a potentially irritating ingredient.

    Whether you're concerned about puffy eyes, bags or dark circles under your eyes, also cut out any bad habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol. Healthy lifestyle will reveal bright, sparkling eyes and radiant healthy skin.

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