Cleure founder, Dr. Flora Stay developed Cleure products over 20 years ago. She initially formulated a toothpaste that would not require an FDA warning and would be safe if accidentally swallowed by children. 

Since 2012, Cleure Original Flavor-free Toothpaste has become the #1 recommended toothpaste by dermatologists across the USA. American Contact Dermatitis Society and dermatologists recommend Cleure oral care due to its proprietary formula being free of common irritants. 

As customers and physicians began to ask for more personal care products, with continued research and testing, Dr. Stay has grown Cleure to an extensive line to include oral, hair, skin and body care.  

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 70% of women and 60% of men have some type of sensitive skin.  The aim and goal of the Cleure website is to educate and help consumers avoid sensitive skin flare-ups by choosing products not by what the label says, but by what ingredients are in the bottle.

Cleure stands out as the trusted brand for sensitive skin personal care products because we formulate focusing on ingredients with intention that are free of common irritants. 

Our testimonials speak for themselves, when someone tries Cleure,  they love it, tell others about it and continue to use it.

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