About Cleure

Our founder, Dr. Flora Stay has been in the wellness industry for over 30 years. After graduating from University of California at San Francisco with her doctor of dental surgery degree (D.D.S.), she knew her path was clear towards health and wellness. She became passionate about helping others take responsibility towards their health.

She is an author ('Secret Gateway to Health' and other books),speaker, practicing dentist and has been a professor at University of Southern California in the Diagnostic Sciences department for over 8 years.

Dr. Stay noticed the need for a truly safe and effective toothpaste, since she wasn't comfortable recommending any available commercially. She developed Cleure toothpaste, starting with the best tasting flavor-free formula. Following university testing, Dr. Stay started offering it to her patients in her practice. Since then due to popularity of her dental products and demand from loyal customers, the Cleure line has grown to include personal care, skin care and makeup and is available for retail on the Internet.

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In Her Own Words:

My background has influenced my passion towards developing healthy toothpaste, skin care and personal care for everyone. I come from a family of doctors: three brothers(cancer specialist, pathologist, internist), and my father was a university professor with 3 PhDs in science, who discovered many medicinal plants and wrote 20 volumes of botanical books found in most universities.

Dermatologists, Allergists, Pediatricians, and Oncologists want to avoid irritating ingredients that may be problematic for their patients.

Many cosmetics, hair care, skin care and oral care products contain chemicals meant to bring about a specific result, such as anti-aging or acne prevention. People with sensitive skin should read each label carefully to avoid such irritating ingredients and allergens to help avoid skin flare-ups.

Cleure products are formulated for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin who want their daily use products free of common irritants.

Since Cleure products are free of common allergens and irritants, they can be used with confidence for daily personal care, skin care, oral care and cosmetics products without the risk of worrying about unknown allergens.

Cleure products are not formulated for treatment or cure, but to help manage symptoms and help prevent skin flare-ups for those who have sensitive, allergy-prone skin. This is accomplished by focusing on ingredients that bring about healthy conditions by avoiding any common irritating ingredients that may be a trigger. Products are clean and pure as natural skin without sacrificing efficacy.

Safer choices in using skin care, personal care and cosmetics lead to a healthier life. I believe you can be beautiful without added irritants in daily used products and accomplish quality results and efficacy.

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My promise is to develop safe and effective products free of common irritating ingredients, reasonably priced, without animal testing. You can enjoy youthful, radiant, beautiful and healthy skin, hair and a beautiful smile with Cleure, without added questionable allergens.

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