How to Choose Foundation for Sensitive Skin

The best foundation for sensitive skin is one that contains ingredients to cover imperfections without irritating ingredients. In addition to this, makeup needs to have good coverage to even skin tones, minimize fine lines and blemishes, and highlight your features. The makeup aisle can be a bewildering array of new and improved formula for sensitive skin, all guaranteeing the best coverage and finish, but choosing one of these can mean that you are getting a lot more chemicals and an unknown result.

There are a few ways to learn how to choose a sensitive skin foundation. Besides choosing foundation for sensitive skin based on your skin type, that is for oily, dry, or combination skin, you also have to consider cream, stick, liquid or powder formulas. In addition, especially for sensitive skin, ingredients can make a major impact on your skin will feel and look. How to choose the perfect shade is of course, also very important. Understanding the different types of foundation makeup can take away some of the confusion.

Foundation Based on Your Sensitive Skin Type

  • Oily skin has an overall shine, has breakouts and pigmented or acne scars. Makeup artists recommend mineral powder foundation or water-based liquid foundation for oily skin. Matte finish foundation will help your skin appear less shiny. Make sure the foundation label lists non-comedogenic (less likely to clog pores). Finishing powder formulated with rice powder works beautifully to remove shine. 
  • Dry skin tends to feel and tight. Cream based liquid to stick work best as foundation for dry skin by helping your skin stay hydrated. 
  • Combination skin improves with cream-to-powder foundation or concealer. Mineral powder foundation also works great for combination skin. If your skin becomes more oily during summer, the best choice would be loose mineral powder. In winder, if you notice all over dry skin, opt for a cream based one.
  • Mature, aging skin can choose any foundation that fits your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a creamy formula or stick for foundation and concealer. If you have oily skin, opt for an oil-free foundation or loose mineral powder.  

Types of Foundation Makeup to Choose From

On any department store or drugstore shelves, you've probably noticed the different types of foundation. Here is a short description of their uses.

Liquid Foundation

  • Can come in water based or oil based. Choose based on your oily or dry skin type.
  • Gives you light to medium coverage
  • Easy for making pigmented areas even out with the entire face. 
  • Formula can come in matte or satin variety.

Cream Foundation Formula

  • Works best for all except oily skin type.
  • Suited for a heavier coverage. 

Stick Foundation

  • Easy to apply as it glides on the skin. However, better suited for problem areas rather than all over coverage.
  • Can be used as foundation and concealer.
  • Available for oily, normal, dry or combination skin.

Pressed Powder Foundation

  • Works well for oily skin type. 
  • Best for light coverage or as finishing powder.
  • Has matte finish appearance. 
  • Absorbs excess oil. 

Mineral Foundation

  • Comes in loose, liquid or pressed. 
  • Excellent for oily skin, or all skin types. 
  • Best foundation for sensitive skin. 
  • Gives light to medium coverage. 
  • Matte finish, unless specified to give shine. 
  • Works well to even out skin tone.
  • Best if applied with dense kabuki brush.

Foundation based on Skin tone

  • The ideal foundation for your skin tone will disappear on your skin and should never accentuate fine lines, wrinkles or look caked on your face.
  • It should cover redness, uneven tone while looking perfectly natural and light. 
  • Most skin tones do best with yellow based makeup. Pink based is for very light complexion. 
  • Ideally, don't worry about yellow or pink based, but try on the foundation and see which matches and disappears into your skin

Tinted or SPF Foundation

Tinted foundations also come for all skin types. As far as an SPF rating, typically most are no higher than SPF15, which alone does not provide good protection against the sun's rays. However some do come as high as SPF 25.

How to Apply Foundation

  • Always remember applying less is better than more. There's nothing attractive about caked on makeup.
  • First step is to choose the type of foundation and color that best matches your skin.
  • Next make sure your skin is clean.
  • No matter your skin type, moisturize before applying makeup.

The Importance of Removing Makeup

Regardless of the foundation you choose, removing it thoroughly at the end of the day is crucial for the health of your skin. Use a gentle, oil or lotion cleanser to remove your makeup, and follow with another deeper cleanser if clogged pores are a concern for you.

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