Our founder and developer of Cleure, Dr. Flora Stay, has been in the wellness industry for over 30 years, and is a published author, speaker, and was a professor at the USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry for nearly a decade. Her landmark book "Secret Gateway to Health" not only exposed many common oral care myths but revealed the important connection between oral health and overall health.

Dr. Stay is a graduate of University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. In the 1980s she had several thriving dental practices in Southern California. Her treatment approach has always been to help her patients understand how the whole body is connected as far as health. If there is disease in one area, it can affect other areas in the body.

After discovering  commercially available toothpaste with fluoride (even children's toothpaste) had a warning to keep out of reach of children under the age of six on every tube, she decided to develop the Cleure line of fluoride and SLS-free toothpaste, which did not require a warning, years before popular clean, and "natural" product brands were the fad.

Following rigorous scientific testing, Dr. Stay began offering it to her patients, and soon found that it was not only effective, but incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin conditions that also affect the mouth, including fibromyalgia, burning mouth syndrome, lichen planus and other conditions known as perioral dermatitis.

With increased knowledge of the importance of ingredients in toothpaste and what the mouth needs to be healthy, her passion became to use the same philosophy in developing daily used personal care products. She found that what the mouth needs to be healthy is no different from what the skin and scalp needs:

  • Hydration
  • Proper pH
  • Cleanliness
  • Non-irritating and effective ingredients as determined by dermatologists and allergists.

Using ingredients with intention became the focus of the formulations, to provide products that help maintain health and prevent irritation.

Due to the popularity of her oral care products and increased demand from loyal customers for other products such as lip balm and skin care, many of whom have come to rely on Cleure products to help prevent side effects of their condition in the mouth, Cleure has grown from providing oral care to include hypoallergenic hair care, body care, and skin care.

Since the availability of our brand online, and dermatologists patch testing and recommending Cleure, no brand has helped more people fight sensitive skin flare-ups. Through the recommendations of dermatologists across the USA, millions have been helped by the Cleure brand, to help prevent irritation on the body and in the mouth.



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