How to Apply Lip Gloss and Lip Liner

Most of the time the basics are taken for granted, assuming obvious methods are the only way on how to apply lip gloss and lip liner. Lip gloss, lip liner and lipstick are flattering when applied properly and the right way. For lips with a vibrant glow, you'll learn important and easy tips on how to enhance the beauty of your lips in this article.


You'll want to start by finding a lip gloss or lipstick that matches your skin tone. Of course you also should consider the mood of night glamour or day time natural and other makeup shades you are wearing. It's a good idea to have a few shades available in case one doesn't match, you'll have other options. The following guide will help you pick the best options for your skin tone: 

  • Light to fair skin tone - light shades of pink and neutral such as natural lip color.
  • Medium and olive tone skin - rose, and berry shades.
  • Dark skin tone - plum, red, chocolate, or merlot wine colors.

How to Apply Lip Liner

Your lips should be the last makeup you apply. Once you apply all your makeup, use lip liner pencil to outline and shape your lips. It will also help your lip gloss or lipstick stay on longer:

  • Before applying lip liner, moisturize your lips with a natural lip balm. Apply it evenly on upper and lower lips.
  • An optional step is to prime your lips with foundation. You can use the same foundation used on your face. Dab it on and even it out with a makeup sponge.
  • Next go over the edges of your lips starting with the middle of your upper lip to the corner. Repeat on both sides and both lips.
  • For smaller looking lips, apply the pencil below your outer edge or just inside the lip line. After applying the lip liner, hide any that went over the edge with a concealer.
  • If you'd like bigger appearing lips, apply the liner just above or outside of your lip line. It will not look natural if you extend it too far up above the lip line
  • Apply lipstick next before lip gloss. Or you could only apply lipstick or lip gloss next.

How to Apply Lip Gloss

Start by applying your lip gloss on the middle of the bottom lip with the applicator. 

  • Next lightly apply the lip gloss toward the edges of the same lip.
  • Pucker your lips to spread the gloss from the bottom lip to the top lip.
  • Clean the edges with a tissue or cotton tipped applicator, if any have gone over the edges. 

How to Apply Lipstick

Permanent options can be more expensive and may require cosmetic surgery or treatment by a professional. For natural lipstick application:

  • Apply your lipstick from the center of your lips outward. A brush is another option for applying your lipstick.
  • A translucent finishing or setting powder lightly tapped over a tissue on your lips, will help it stay on longer. 
  • A second coat applied should help make your lipstick last even longer.
  • If any lipstick has bled or extended, use a small brush with some concealer that matches your skin to hide it.

    The Importance of Removing Makeup

    Regardless of the foundation you choose, removing it thoroughly at the end of the day is crucial for the health of your skin. Use a gentle, oil or lotion cleanser to remove your makeup, and follow with another deeper cleanser if clogged pores are a concern for you.

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