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How Bad Habits Can Damage Your HairBad Habits Can Damage Your Hair

No one wants to give up their tools for beautiful hair. Hair dryers, curling wands and hair clips all come in handy, but there is a right and wrong way to use them. Learn how in this article. Read More

Emu Oil and Hair GrowthEmu Oil Helps Promote Hair Growth - Face or Fiction?

Is rubbing emu oil for hair growth too good to be true? Learn what the studies show and the causes of hair loss. Read More

Deodorant Health Risks Antiperspirant, Deodorant Health Risks

No doubt you've wondered about aluminum risk in deodorants. Can they lead to cancer? Learn about the truth or myth to this important topic. Read More

Dandruff Causes and SolutionsDandruff Causes and Solutions

Those white flakes can be embarrassing and cause scalp itching and irritation. Learn important tips to help fight and prevent those pesty white flakes. Read More

FolliculitisFolliculitis - Cause, Home Remedies & Prevention

This skin condition can get sore and hard to get rid of, specially if left untreated. Find important information for cause and treatments of folliculitis. Read More