The wrong toothbrush can damage the delicate tooth surface and cause gum recession and tooth sensitivity. Cleure soft bristle toothbrush for sensitive gums has a perfect grip handle and tapered head to reach all surfaces of your teeth. Soft nylon bristles are gentle on your gums.
  • Precision made soft bristles
  • Perfectly shaped handle for easy use
  • Made in the USA
  • No animal testing
1. Rinse with Cleure Mouthwash 2. Floss properly (ask your dentist or hygienist for instructions) 3. Brush every tooth surface with Cleure Toothpaste: front, back, top of back teeth with a circular motion, or as instructed by your dentist or hygienist 4. Brush your gums gently, but thoroughly as well 5. Clean your tongue with Cleure Tongue Cleaner 6. Rinse with water 7. Swish your mouth with Cleure Mouthwash

What it is:

The perfect sidekick for your favorite Cleure toothpaste! This soft bristle toothbrush is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums, and has a tapered head to reach all surfaces of your teeth.

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Beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

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Free of parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, SLS, salicylates, alcohol, and fragrance

Never tested on animals & cruelty-free

Bottle is recyclable and sourced ethically

Made in the USA

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