Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup: Look Great Without Irritation

If you suffer with variety of sensitive skin conditions that reacts badly to makeup, you may find relief with hypoallergenic cosmetics. Finding the best allergy-free eye makeup for sensitive skin can be difficult. You should always look for makeup that is gentle with non-irritating ingredients.

Eye allergies that result with certain triggers can be caused by cosmetics or from the environment. The following are some tips to remember when shopping for makeup if you have easily irritated eyes.


    • Choose hypoallergenic eye makeup for sensitive eyes.


    • Read the label and make sure it is free of fragrance, which contains irritating chemicals.


    • Some chemicals have been determined to be more irritating than others. These include parabens, some synthetic colors, and bismuth oxychloride.


    • Choose hypoallergenic makeup with only a few ingredients. Typically these include loose mineral makeup or mineral based cosmetics.


    • Try one brand at a time for a few days and check the results for skin reactions.


Cleure has a full line of hypoallergenic eye makeup, including hypoallergenic mascara, eyeshadow for sensitive eyes, eyeliner and more. Our makeup is formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin, leaving out irritating ingredients like fragrances and parabens, so you can have beautiful eyes without risking a reaction.


The skin around our eyes is particularly sensitive, so it’s important to always use hypoallergenic makeup for sensitive eyes in order to avoid irritating that area. While some other brands of eye makeup for sensitive skin don’t work as well as “regular” makeup, we spend a lot of time making sure that our makeup is just as effective as traditional brands, giving you the beautiful color you want, without the irritation.

Easy Steps for Applying Eye Makeup

Learning how to apply eye makeup is important. If poorly applied, eyes can look harsh or not noticeable at all. However, with a few simple tips, you can frame your face with beautiful eyes, no matter what the occasion. Here's how:


    • Apply eye primer (our Tinted Sunscreen doubles as primer) all over eyelids from above the lashes to the brow bone. Use your fingers, makeup applicator or bush. This helps makeup easier to apply and stay put.
    • Apply concealer under your eye to cover dark circles, or fine lines. Follow with a loose mineral or pressed powder to help set and blend it in.
    • Whether you decide to use one eye shadow color or several, choose a medium or medium light shade on your eyelid nearest your shadows.
    • A light eye shadow shade goes under the brow bone to give it definition and a lift. Choose a sand or off white color.
    • A darker color is applied on the crease of your lid. Start about 1/3 of the way from he inner corner of your eye and extend to the outer corner.
    • Use a separate brush to blend all the shades.
    • Next apply eyeliner, using a pencil or Cleure Duo or Trio 3-in-1 Palette. The professionals recommend applying he liner with tiny controlled strokes, and then connecting them. You can just apply to the upper or also to the lower lashes.
    • Apply mascara next. Start at the base of your lashes and sweep upward towards the tips. You can also do the same for the bottom, if you choose. Apply two coats for more color, while the first application is still wet, to avoid clumping.