Transitioning From Winter To Spring Skincare

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Transitioning From Winter To Spring Skincare

Transitioning to Spring Skincare



Winter to spring is an exciting and transitional time for everyone. The time to put your heavy coats in storage, and start pulling out the shorts and bathing suits. The time to go full out on your spring cleaning, and purge your home of dirt, dust, and any non-essentials. And, it's the time to start thinking about getting your skin care routine ready for spring! Our skin has different needs during the winter than the spring, so now is a great time to consider which products to keep and which to throw out, which new products to introduce, and how adapting your routine to fit the weather will have a positive affect on your skin.

Here are some of our best tips for transitioning your skincare routine from winter to spring.

1. Perform Some Spring Cleaning on Your Skin

In addition to added humidity, spring means being outside more which means… sweat… lots of it. On top of that, constant exposure to the air introduces your skin to more dirt, oil, and pollution that clogs up pores and leaves skin grimy. This makes a cleanser even more important than usual. Cleure’s Dry Sensitive Skin Cleanser is perfect for keeping your skin clean without stripping away natural oils, and it leaves out all of those potentially harmful ingredients found in some other cleansers.

2. Lighten Up

Once spring rolls around, you won’t need such heavy products and moisturizers because there will be a little more humidity in the air. Using thick, heavy creams can leave you oily and greasy, and while you might be going for a dewy look, sweaty is not ideal. Make the switch to lightweight products like an oil-free moisturizer that will easily be absorbed into the pores without clogging them.

3. There’s No Need to Exfoliate as Often

During the winter, our skin is often drier and requires a little extra exfoliation to wick off those dead skin cells, but our skin is often healthier and more hydrated in the spring, meaning you don’t need to exfoliate as often. Over-exfoliating can lead to micro tears in the skin which will just cause irritation and make the problems worse than before. So stick to exfoliating with a gentle scrub once or twice a week or even less if your skin isn’t particularly dry or flakey.

4. SPF is Always What’s Best

Hopefully, you already know the importance of wearing sunscreen even in winter, but if you relaxed a little on applying your sunscreen this winter, it’s now especially crucial that you get back in the habit of daily sunscreen usage. Sunscreen helps prevent premature aging, sunburns, skin cancer, sunspots, and more, so be sure to slather up the mineral based sunscreen every morning, and touch up throughout the day.

5. Make Changes to your Makeup Routine.

With the weather heating up, the last thing you’ll want is to feel suffocated by thick, heavy makeup. Spring is a great time to transition to mineral makeup if you haven’t already. Mineral makeup is lightweight and provides a natural looking glow without sinking into pores. As the heat turns up, the last thing you want is caked on makeup melting off your face, so now is the perfect time to take the spring toward mineral makeup.

6. Stay hydrated!

Just because there’s moisture in the air doesn’t mean you can slack on water consumption. Drinking at least eight cups of water a day is imperative for your overall health, and it will provide your skin the hydration it needs to stay dewy and healthy all throughout spring.

With all the time you’ll be spending outside as spring rolls around, you’ll want to be sure to put your best and brightest face forward. So follow these steps and you’ll be sure to refresh your skin just in time for the sunshine.