How to Apply Loose Mineral Makeup

Applying loose mineral powder can be easy and look incredibly natural and flawless. It just takes a few helpful makeup application tips and a little practice to get it perfect. This article will give you the necessary know-how to get started. Loose mineral makeup is very versatile and can be used wet or dry. 

Loose Mineral Powder

Tap a small amount of powder into the lid of the sifter jar of the foundation to use as concealer or foundation. For concealer, using a concealer brush, make sure, you work powder into the brush, without leaving clumps of powder on the brush, dab lightly on areas you’d like to conceal and blend.

To use as foundation, swirl your foundation brush (Kabuki) around in the mineral powder. It is important to work the powder deeply into the brush, as this prevents the minerals from going on too heavy. The minerals will be almost invisible on your brush when worked properly into it. Tap off any excess powder. Dust the powder across your face. Remember that mineral makeup is concentrated and you will likely need to use less of it than the foundation you currently use. If you prefer a heavier coverage, you can repeat the process.

Loose Mineral Finishing Powder

Rice Veil is excellent as a finishing powder to help make your makeup last longer, prevent shine and minimize lines. Follow instructions for foundation above, and use after applying foundation, blush and any eye makeup. In other words, it’s the last thing you apply.

Loose Mineral Powder Brushes

Large Kabuki is best for foundation and finishing powder. The dual ended angled brush is for eye liner and eyebrows.

Makeup artists have a box full of brushes, but for every day use, all you need are 3 to 4 good quality brushes.

Large Kabuki is a must for the loose powder application. A smaller one is helpful for blush, and of course, you'll need an eyeliner brush and a eyeshadow brush.

5 Minutes to Natural Beauty

If you're like most women, you don't want to spend too much time applying makeup. Follow the tips below to quick mineral makeup beauty transformation:

1. Eye makeup should be applied first. That way, if any gets on your face, it's easy to clean off without removing face cosmetics you've applied. Of course, you can make your eyes up as sophisticated, elegant, natural or well-defined, depending on your desired look.

Eyebrows should be well groomed and defined, as well. If you need help, get them professionally shaped.

2. Concealers and mineral foundation makeup are applied next. Concealers should be a slightly lighter shade than your complexion or match it, in order to hide any imperfections such as dark circles. Your foundation should match your complexion. Choose the shade in natural light. With loose minerals, small amounts of application are more effective than a heavy one.

3. For exposure to the sun, you could mix a small amount of Cleure Natural Sunscreen to your foundation.

4. For cheeks that are radiant with a hint of blush, with any excess removed on your brush, lightly apply a darker shade to the apple of your cheek first, and highlight with a lighter shade and blend so there is no line between the two.

5. For a velvety, mineral loose finishing powder, use Cleure Rice Veil. It prevents shine and hides fine lines while keeping your makeup lasting longer.

6. Lipstick is applied last. Lip liner is important for creating full lips. Lip liner should be applied from center outward. Your lip liner should match your lipstick. Don't draw a hard line, but soften by blending slightly.

Check in the mirror for lipstick marks on your teeth.

The Importance of Removing Makeup

Regardless of the foundation you choose, removing it thoroughly at the end of the day is crucial for the health of your skin. Use a gentle, oil or lotion cleanser to remove your makeup, and follow with another deeper cleanser if clogged pores are a concern for you.

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