Product/Ingredient Myths

The "natural" or "botanical" products hoax, why they aren't any better and may even be harmful.

- Are all chemicals bad for skin or personal care products?

- Are there any products that are chemical-free?

- Is fluoride in toothpaste as bad as some say it is?

- Are all SPF ingredients safe or are some toxic?

- Does the FDA test all skin care, personal care and cosmetics for safety?

- How can consumers tell if a skin care or personal care product has non-irritating ingredients?

- What is SLS and why do so many consumers look for SLS free products?

Oral Health Must Know Facts

- What are the 4 most common misconceptions about your mouth?

- Are all toothpaste the same?

- Does mouthwash work for bad breath or gum disease?

- Will ignoring your mouth health cause heart disease and diabetes?

- Are all teeth whitening products the same: at stores or from dental offices?

- Are all toothpaste safe for children?

Sensitive Skin Care: Anti Aging and Acne Prone Skin

- What causes sensitive skin?

- How are the best and safe ways to get rid of wrinkles?

- How does skin and care for the skin change with age?

- What are the most irritating anti aging ingredients that you should stay away from?

- What are the most important and safest ingredients to help fight aging skin?

- Is exfoliating your skin necessary, and how often should you exfoliate?

- What causes acne and do the products really work?

- Are there home remedies to help acne prone skin?

Personal Care Myths: True or False

- Is aluminum in deodorant unhealthy and cause Alzheimer's?

- Do 2-in-1 shampoos really work (incorporating conditioner with shampoo)?

- Are all soaps the same or can they cause sensitive skin?

- What is emu oil and why is it known as a "miracle from down under"?

Cosmetics Safety Myths

- If a cosmetic is sold under a well known expensive brand name, is it always safe for all skin types?

- What are the main culprits in cosmetics that may cause sensitive skin?

- Is it true that what you apply to your skin is absorbed and can cause allergies?

- Are natural or organic cosmetics always safer?

- Does the FDA recall any products that may cause allergies or be harmful?

- Is cosmetic safety only a concern to women?