Best Deodorant for Body Odor

Are all underarm deodorants basically the same? If you want to stop smoking, you may be asked to use a patch. Pain and birth control medications are also available in patch form. Experts report that up to 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body. Deodorants are used daily, making it essential that you know the ingredients in them, and if yours is a natural hypoallergenic deodorant without harmful types of aluminum, that really works, you will lessen your health risks. Otherwise, you may be absorbing into your body, potentially toxic ingredients that may cause health issues for you.

Most commercial deodorants contain chlorohydrate aluminum as their main odor stopping ingredient. Unfortunately, chlorohydrate aluminum has a few potentially harmful side effects, including clogging sweat glands. This is how they prevent sweating and odor, but the action also makes waste and toxins to become stored in your body.

Trying to find the right safe deodorant for sensitive skin without chlorohydrate aluminum is a challenge. You may perspire a lot, or just have odor when you sweat. There are brands that claim to be "natural" which usually means plant extracts (organic or not) are helping you not sweat or not have odor as you sweat. Just because something says natural, doesn't mean it's good for you. Plant extracts and oils have side effects, and many are finding they are becoming allergic to salicylates (used in aspirin antiflammatory products), which are a component of all plants. Besides chlorohydrate aluminum, some brands contain irritating ingredients such as parabens,fragrance and antimicrobials such as triclosan. Non of these equal safe.

The best safe, deodorant for sensitive skin uses natural mineral ingredients to help stop odor and help with sweating.

Cleure has the best hypoallergenic, safe, free of chlorohydrate aluminum deodorant for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Cleure helps you fight body odor with roll-on, crystal stick, and spray deodorant. Not only can they all be used for underarm deodorant, but also for foot odor and the spray can be used as all over body spray.