Hypoallergenic Foundation & Concealer: a Must for Sensitive Skin

Do you use both foundation and concealer or one or the other? Some people just don't like foundation because it rubs off on their clothes and unless they cover their neck as well, it looks like you have a mask on. The best philosophy for these makeup duo essentials is to use them as needed. Applying them correctly and as needed, they can give you a natural and flawless complexion.

The trick is to use concealer for small imperfections you want to hide. Foundation works great for patches of blotchy redness or other larger discolorations you want to make disappear. Concealer is heavier than foundation, and that's why you don't want to apply it all over your face.

The hard part is that mineral liquid or powder foundation and concealer can be difficult to find for those with sensitive skin. Some foundations are too oily and tend to clog pores, while other foundations are made with harsh chemicals that cause sensitive skin to break out.

Cleure mineral powder foundations and concealers for sensitive skin come in loose powder, cream to powder, or liquid form. They work beautifully to hide redness, acne or other imperfections.

The beauty of Cleure mineral makeup is that it does not cake on the skin and gives you a lighter, more natural look free of harsh ingredients. Try our liquid concealer and powder foundation for sensitive skin today!