Toothpaste - Original Without Flavor 4oz

Hypoallergenic, mint-free, SLS-free, triclosan-free, vegan, and cruelty-free

Features & Benefits

Cleure's Original Flavor-Free Toothpaste is the #1 great-tasting flavorless natural toothpaste without mint or menthol, recommended by dermatologists and allergists across the USA.
  • Helps remove surface stains, resulting in a brighter smile
  • Helps tartar control and dry mouth with proper oral hygiene
  • Studies report xylitol helps prevent cavities and promote the flow of saliva
  • Excellent for individuals suffering with burning tongue to perioral dermatitis

4.0 oz. (113.39g)

Rinse your toothbrush and dab a small amount of toothpaste on it, brush every side of every tooth in a circular motion and brush your gums gently for about 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
Purified Water, Xylitol, Dicalcium Phosphate, Glycerin, Baking Soda, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (not related to SLS), Flavor-Free **Ingredients are subject to change.

What it is:

The Original Flavor Free Toothpaste with a great taste! Cleure provides the first mint-free, fluoride-free toothpaste, making it a trusted and dependable option for sensitive teeth and mouths. Safe if accidentally swallowed, and crafted with sensitivities in mind, our unique formula is ideal for those who suffer from a toothpaste allergy, burning mouth syndrome, contact dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, lichen planus, or are undergoing radiation treatment.

What we leave out:

Most toothpastes contain mint and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which are two of the top allergens that result in rashes, canker sores, and inflammation in and around the mouth. Fluoride is also commonly used to prevent tooth decay, but it can be dangerous for children if swallowed, which is why there is a WARNING on the back of most brands. As with all Cleure products, our formulas are focused on ingredients with intention, so it's free of artificial flavors and dyes, parabens, triclosan, harsh preservatives, gluten, salicylates, formaldehyde, SLS, and other common irritants.

What we put in:

This one of a kind toothpaste will still meet all of your dental care needs without the risk. We thoughtfully formulate our product with high quality, locally sourced, and naturally derived ingredients including baking soda, xylitol, and dicalcium phosphate, so it has the essentials you need to brush away stains, plaque, and bacteria, prevent cavities, and fight tooth decay and dry mouth.

How it will benefit you:

Formulated with xylitol, baking soda, and Dicalcium phosphate. Xylitol helps prevent cavities by as much as 60%, promotes the flow of saliva, and helps dry mouth, and is a natural sweetener that provides a great taste. Baking soda helps neutralize harmful acids, remove surface stains, and whitens teeth resulting in a brighter smile. Dicalcium phosphate controls tartar, balances calcium and phosphate levels, and helps remineralize areas of teeth that have been attacked by acid. To top it off, our fluoride-free formula is safe for children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 922 reviews
Jane (Freehold, US)

Very happy with Cleure Original Toothpaste without Flavor. Exceptional for someone with dermatological allergies. Good for cleaning teeth. Has a very satisfying taste. Highly recommended.

Carolyn (Oregon City, US)
I like it

I like this toothpaste. It’s softer than most other toothpastes. The only problem I have is getting it out of the tube. My arthritis plays a role but the tube is thick & harder than others to squeeze.

Mary Hayes (Chicago, US)
Original without flavor toothpaste

I have an allergy that prevents me from using flavored toothpaste. This toothpaste solves that and is not bitter. I love the way it cleans my teeth.

J. B. (Pasadena, US)
Fine toothpaste

For someone (me) who has a mint allergy this unflavorered toothpaste is great!
Most, if not all, big-name toothpastes have mint -- even bubblegum flavor has
some mint (per my inquiry of manufacturer).

Susan Moss (Kansas City, US)
So nice to find a toothpaste without fluoride or mint!

Cleure toothpaste has a pleasant, neutral flavor, just slightly sweet. It's not easy to find toothpaste without strong flavors of mint or cinnamon, and without fluoride. It cleans our teeth very well.

Melissa Hill (Albuquerque, US)
Love this toothpastes

I have burning tongue syndrome. I would be lost without this toothpaste. I do prefer the larger tube which is no longer available.

Jim Fajkus (Georgetown, US)

Toothpaste - Original Without Flavor 4oz

J123mac (Toronto, CA)
Healthy for my mouth

I used to get ulcers and salivary gland spasms in my mouth due to the harsh chemicals in general toothpaste. Since using Cleure toothpaste, that’s all gone and the condition of my mouth, and teeth, is very stable.

30 Day Return Policy on every item

Bottle is recyclable and sourced ethically

Beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

Free of SLS, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, salicylates, alcohol, and fragrance

Never tested on animals & cruelty-free

All products 100% made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Fluoride is toxic if swallowed by children, and overconsumption can cause weakened bones and ligaments, as well as muscle and nervous system issues. No fun! Instead we use Xylitol which is the new fluoride! Xylitol is safe for all, reduces tooth decay by over 60% plus it comes with the added benefits of helping dry mouth and gum disease, and providing a natural sweet taste.
A: Nope! Just press in the middle of the cap and it will close all the way.
A: Cleure toothpaste’s RDA is 68 making it gentle yet effective.
A: Make sure you store it sitting on the cap so the product moves to the top. You can also try tapping it on the cap before trying to squeeze it out.

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