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Giving Back

It's All About Giving Back

Cleure's mission is to provide high quality, non-irritating skincare, and personal care products. We believe in keeping our environment safe, inside and out. As much as possible, we choose to use environmentally friendly and green components for our products. We also form partnerships with other corporations for formulating and filling our products who support safe environmental policies.

As a result of our products and customer loyalty, we help others in need.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County

Cleure sponsors Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County Golf Classic every year in May. The fundraiser is a big success and raises over $200,000!

Solar Electricity Comes to Village For the First Time

Cleure donated solar kits to provide 125 villagers in Cameroon, Africa with solar electricity for the first time. These villagers have never had any light in their homes until now. Our goal is to follow with other villages and provide solar kits to them. Solar for African Village


Cleure Donates to USA troops

We donate to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Camarillo, CA to ship coffee for our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is our way of saying thanks for their service!

Cleure Giving Back to Africa

New school in Cameroon, W. Africa built and supported monthly by Cleure. Donations of money and products to African missionaries in Cameroon focused mostly on children. The following is a letter from the head of the missionary Catholic organization, Father Eugene, who calls himself, affectionately "Eugene, the Bushman".

"Greetings from Cameroon and from my family and friends in particular. You are indeed a gift to me and to my people. It cannot but be a gift how God places some people in one's life. When Harry L. informed Bishop George and I again that you made available more funds for the Clinic in Kanchi, Kumbo, I just told myself you are my gift. You cannot imagine how far the Cleure (Grace Products) went; so graciously. Even as Cleure, it forever remains the work of Grace. Even with a good number given out to the needy, just the gum and toothpaste still fetched a net balance of $400 after deducting transportation cost that was close to half. That means we got about $800.
When you look at the teeth of our people and hear their testimony about what Cleure toothpaste did to their teeth, it's very inspiring. Thank you, Flora! Thank you, Andy!

Father Eugene, (the Bushman)"

The following are some photos from Father Eugene with our Grace Toothpaste (our corporate name label) and Cleure toothbrush.

Cleure Giving Back, Africa Children Cleure Giving Back, Africa Man ToothpasteCleure Giving Back,Africa Toothpaste

Cleure Giving Back with Rescue Mission

1. Donations of money and products to 7 Rescue Missions in California. Picture of Dr. Stay with Ventura County Rescue Mission Staff of the Women's Shelter.

2. Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. research on fibromyalgia at the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center.

3. Each year Dr. Stay's husband Andy, gets his hair shaved off to raise money for St. Baldrick's Foundation for children's cancer research. He helps raise over $4000.