Cleure's Smart Campaign for Made in America Products

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Cleure's Smart Campaign for Made in America Products

July 1, 2013

Cleure's Smart Campaign for Made in America Products

Entrepreneurs, builders and creators have always been the heart and soul of what America stands for.  Along with this creative mindset, comes the pride of high quality, honest workmanship in products and goods, and maximizing U.S. employment.  Cleure is one such company focusing on making products that are only made in America and are high quality.

Cleure's company mission has been to formulate and offer distinctive personal care, skin care and cosmetics for individuals who have sensitive skin.  Their founders Dr. Flora Parsa Stay along with her husband, Andy Stay, build the company from ground up in 1995. Dr. Stay is a dentist and university professor who first formulated a natural and safe toothpaste for her patients.  From there, due to loyal customer demands, the line grew to include skin care, personal care and makeup.

Cleure develops products for sensitive skin that are free of potentially irritating ingredients.  Through proven science, they create products that are non-irritating, safe and enhance the skin's beauty, without forcing consumers to choose between beauty or health.  Dr. Parsa Stay believes, "It's not about whether a product is natural or synthetic.  Natural can be just as harmful as a toxic chemical.  Many plants used in skin care, for example, can be sprayed with pesticides.  Even organic herbs may be contaminated or cause side effects. It's all about using ingredients that are non-irritating and shown to be effective to the outside of the body and safe for the inside."  

The Cleure unique approach has been to help educate consumers about the benefits of choosing not based on the word "natural" or other claims on a label, but what's in the product.  "We truly believe helping consumers learn which ingredients are better for them, will empower them to choose what's best," Dr. Parsa Stay says. In this effort to help consumers make wise choices, they have maintained a position of educating and inspiring their customers as well as an honest approach to doing business.  Many brands boast of being "natural", but yet may contain harsh preservatives not mentioned on the label, in which herbs were soaked in to ward off fungus.  According to Dr. Parsa Stay, "If something is truly "natural", it should be refrigerated, or used within a few days."

The non-profit consumer watchdog Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep website, consumers absorb more than 100 ingredients through their skin on a daily bases.  They report most of these ingredients have not been tested for safety, specially if they are manufactured overseas. Skin Deep has rated Cleure as one of the good guys by rating their products as safe.

Many companies have opted to make their products overseas due to regulatory mandates and cost of labor. China, India, Indonesia, Phillippines, Egypt, Ukraine and Mexico are reported to gain the most from cost cutting and profit gaining goals of many brands who outsource. According to reports, millions of jobs are outsourced yearly, mostly from manufacturing, IT services and even research and development. 

Although outsourcing has been a politically-charged term, more than ever, Americans in general would rather buy made in America products.  Co-founder Dr. Parsa Stay's vision of developing high quality products that are made in America continues to grow with safe innovative gluten free, salicylate free personal care, skin care and makeup for sensitive skin.  "We live in the greatest country in the world, and our customers deserve to have high quality products without compromising their health with questionable ingredients that may irritate their skin.  We won't let that happen.  We are committed to our vision and our products will continue to be non-irritating, high quality, affordable and always made in America."  

Cleure products are sold through their website with customers nationwide in the United States and worldwide. The company creates sensitive skin care products for all ages including toothpaste, hair care, cleansers, anti-aging skin care, aluminum free deodorant and more, as a one-stop-shop from head to toe.