Cleure Launches Safe, Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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Cleure Launches Safe, Non-Toxic Nail Polish


November 2012

Cleure has added exciting new shades to their line of safe, non-toxic nail polish. If you enjoy using nail polish to create works of art on your finger and toe nails, you are not alone as millions of women throughout the world do the same thing every day. This is not shocking considering the incredible array of colors available and the number of nail artists that can use the various colors and accessories to create incredible works of art on your nails. The only problem with this, is that in as much as you love to have beautiful nails, unless you are using non-toxic nail polish, the colors you are using to make your nails pretty are not quite doing the same thing for your entire body.

Nail Polish Ingredients

Women have been using some kind of nail polish for a number of years, but it has only been in the last century that it has been made using similar chemicals to those included in enamel paints. Over time, scientists and members of the medical community have come to realize that the vast majority of these chemicals can be bad for you. In fact, several of them are known by the EPA to be very dangerous to your health and in recent years, there has been a big push to have them removed from all types of nail polish.

Some of the toxic nail polish ingredients include:

1. Formaldehyde which is hazardous for specially those with asthma. It can also create allergic reactions and is a carcinogen.

2. Toluene and xylene are petroleum-based ingredients and have also been connected to cancer.

3. Dibutyl phthalate has been linked to testicular problems in humans and lab animals.

The problem we are facing is that cosmetics are a multibillion dollar industry and they are still defying making such changes on a massive scale. Chief among the chemicals is toluene, a product that is typically found in a variety of paint thinners. The medical community has long been aware that toluene is a neurotoxin that causes interruption of the flow of neurons in your brain. This can cause significant problems with your nervous system and affect your ability to move or breathe.

Cleure is committed to safe, non-irritating ingredients for their line of sensitive skin personal care, skin care, and cosmetics. Their products are sold worldwide through their website

If you are not concerned about living a healthier lifestyle, then you should continue to use standard nail polish as it contains formaldehyde.

Perhaps the worst of the chemicals used in the manufacture of that bright and colorful nail polish you have been using is DBP or Dibutyl Phthalate. This is a chemical that is recognized as being extremely dangerous by the EPA and is a part of the teratogen family of chemicals. You will find it being used in the plastics industry to manufacture things like wire insulation, plastic tubing and hoses as well as plastic sheeting. It is also used in hair spray, perfumes and several other products.

Research has revealed that this chemical to cause numerous birth defects, complications throughout pregnancy and significantly increase the danger of miscarriage. DBP has also been found to create genital abnormalities in newborn boys and accelerated puberty in girls. Keeping just these facts alone in mind, there is simply no reason to use or let your daughters use any form of standard "toxic" nail polish on your nails where these chemicals will end up being soaked into your bloodstream.

If the dangers of what this selection of highly toxic chemicals can do to your body is not adequate to make you switch over to using non-toxic nail polish, there is one more very sensible reason for making the change. Think about what all of these chemicals are changing our environment and what they are doing to the humans that manufacture them as well as the area around the factories and the landfills where a large percentage of them end up.

You will find that when you purchase a non toxic nail polish, you are purchasing a product that is not only safe for anyone to use, but is far more environmentally safe. The truth is that you should not be utilizing anything else and not give your kids any choice in the matter. Consider this, nail polish is under federal law considered toxic waste, do you really want to put this type of chemical on your nails?

Who Makes Safe Nail Polish?

Cleure offers a complete selection of non-toxic nail polish and natural skin care products formulated with non-irritating ingredients for you to select from. You can look beautiful without beauty products that include toxic chemicals and other questionable ingredients.