Cleure Launches New Gluten Free Makeup Concealer

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Cleure Launches New Gluten Free Makeup Concealer

Title: Cleure Launches Revolutionary Mineral Total Cover Concealer

Sub-Title: Cleure Mineral Makeup has officially launched their highly anticipated Total Cover Concealer, a lightweight concealer that not only enhances beauty, but also over-all health.

Cleure is proud to announce the official launch of their highly anticipated mineral Total Cover Concealer (link). This easy to use, light-weight concealer is the newest member of their mineral make-up line (link). As with all of Cleure’s sensitive skin products (link), the new concealer is salicylate free, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. Cleure is pleased to announce that this concealer is also paraben free, making it one of the gentlest make-up products currently available.

Total Cover Concealer (link) is a light-reflective concealer formulated to camouflage dark circles, imperfections and blemishes, without settling into fine lines or caking. Not only is this product free of harsh chemicals, but it also contains broad-spectrum SPF-25, ensuring that your makeup is also protecting the delicate skin on your face.

Cleure's Total Cover Concealer comes in four shades: Buff (Light), Bisque (Medium), Honey (Dark) and Camouflage. Buff is a fair, yellow based shade, ideal for hiding dark areas around the eye, under-eye circles, mild red tones on the skin, and even blending away bruises. Bisque is a medium, pink-based shade, ideal for olive complexions. Honey is a golden warm shade for darker skin tones. Camouflage is a versatile green-based color that is perfect for disguising acne and blending away red.

Cleure’s company philosophy is based on an understanding of what goes on the skin, goes in the skin and thus the body, giving skin care products the power to enhance or detract from overall personal health. Cleure firmly believes that you should not put chemicals on the skin that you would not expose your major organs to. After all, your skin if your largest organ and in many ways the gateway to your body. Many cosmetics and personal care products do not adhere to this philosophy and include chemicals such as salicylate, paraben, triclosan, and various phthalates, many of which are linked to hormonal issues, severe skin sensitivity, adult onset allergy development, and even cancer*. Cleure prefers to create sensitive skin care products (link) that are free of these potentially dangerous and irritating ingredients. Instead, the company uses proven science to create products that are safe and enhance the skin’s physical appearance, without forcing consumers to choose between beauty and long-term wellbeing.

“I believe you can be beautiful without toxins. Our skin is the largest organ and we easily absorb all types of ingredients added to our cosmetics. Through years of research, we have finally found the right cosmetics to offer our customers that are safe.”
- Dr. Flora Stay, health and wellness expert, UC Professor and Cleure founder.

Complete Cover Concealer Features:
• Cream to powder finish
• Salicylate free
• Fragrance free
• Hypoallergenic
• Triclosan, phthalates, and paraben free
• Hides imperfections for flawless face
• No animal testing
• Made in the USA

Learn more about cosmetic additives Triclosan, phthalates, and paraben:
• Parabens have been used in cosmentics and personal care products since the 1920s as a preservative in order to increase product shelf life. The most common in cosmetics include: methyl-paraben, ethyl-paraben, propyl-paraben, isopropyl-paraben and butyl-paraben. EWG reports of several studies that suggest parabens can disrupt reproductive hormones (Routledge 1998; Inui 2003; Mikula 2006; Pugazhendhi 2007). Other side effects include irritation of the skin or causing allergic reactions (Schamberg 1967; Soni 2002; CIR 2006). Other studies suggest parabens are estrogenic, in that they mimic the hormone estrogen, therefore disrupting normal function of the hormone system (Gomez 2005; Mikula 2006; Pugazhendhi 2007). Likewise, cancer* has also been linked to parabens in other lab studies and to reproductive health problems ((Oishi 2001, 2002); Byford 2002; Darbre 2003). While the FDA limits the levels of parabens allowed in food and beverages, it does not regulate these chemicals in cosmetics and body care products. People are exposed to Parabens via many products throughout a day.
• Phtalates are widely used in cosmetics and personal care products as a preservative and fragrance. Several studies have suggested that Phthalates interfere with hormones production, and create a potential risk for human reproductive and thyroid systems. Other preliminary studies link phthalates to diabetes and asthma (Bornehag 2004; Stahlhut 2007; Kolarik 2008).
• Triclosan free: Triclosan is a non-active “antibacterial” ingredient found in liquid hand soaps, toothpastes, deodorants, acne treatments and increasingly in cosmetics. Over time, this ingredient can build up in the body and can potentially increase the effect of thyroid hormones. In two studies (Fiss 2007) it was shown to also disrupt other critical hormone systems, such as both estrogenic and androgenic effects on human breast cancer cells (Gee 2008).