Cleanser & Toner Duo

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Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, SLS-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Limited Time Valentine's Day Duo!

Cleure Gentle Cleanser for dry sensitive skin cleans and softens without irritation. It gently whisks away makeup, oil, and pore-clogging impurities while renewing skin. Our formula is pH balanced to help keep skin soft and healthy. Non-comedogenic.
  • Hydrating, gentle lotion formula
  • Utilizes emollients to refresh and condition your skin
  • Use alone or as one step of a double cleanse

Cleure daily facial toner without alcohol that balances the pH of skin, shrinks and closes pores, helps treat milia, fights against the signs of aging, and refreshes skin with light hydration. 

  • Refreshes and nourishes the skin
  • Helps protect and remove chlorines and minerals in tap water
  • Soothes and hydrates skin by binding moisture to the skin
  • Use twice daily after cleansing skin
  • Perfect for all skin types, but especially oily or acne-prone skin

*As Duos are offered at a great discount, they are non-refundable/non-returnable. If you are new to our products, we recommend buying them separately to try first!

This set is excluded from all promotional discounts and coupons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liana Jackson (Dorchester, US)
Highly satisfied

I have very sensitive skin and have been using the products for 2 weeks now. Very greatful that they have not irritated my highly sensitive facial skin. The toner feels a bit heavier and sticky post application than I expected but it’s not a showstopper.

Carol McDonald (Seattle, US)
Love this system for my face!

The cleanser and toner clean my face so gently and thoroughly I love it. When followed by the oil-free moisturizer my skin is in the best shape of my life.

Hélène Mousseau (Kemptville, CA)
The best

All Cleure products are the best for me…

30 Day Return Policy on every item

Bottle is recyclable and sourced ethically

Beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

Free of SLS, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, salicylates, alcohol, and fragrance

Never tested on animals & cruelty-free

All products 100% made in the USA

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