Most men are content with choosing whatever hair care product is available on sale at the super market or whatever their significant other or spouse buys for their use. However, in modern society, personal care and hair care products for men are becoming as varied and diverse as they are for women with many different types of shampoo and other hair products on the market, offering many different results and often in a bewildering array of scents. How, then, do you choose the best shampoo and hair care for men? What if the man in question has sensitive skin or needs or wants natural hair care products due to allergies or chemical sensitivities?

Healthy Hair Tips for Men

Hair maintenance is just as important for men as it is for women. Regular hair care routine will help you have healthy hair and help your hairstyle last longer. The following are important tips for hair care for men whether you have long, short, thick, thin, straight or curly hair.

Wash your hair only two or three times a week. Over washing can dry the scalp and loss of essential natural oils from your scalp. This can lead to dry, irritated scalp.

Never rub hard your hair after washing it. Wet hair is more delicate and weaker when wet and rubbing hard can damage hair follicles.

Make sure to use a conditioner. Hair conditioners can help strengthen your hair follicles and make it easier to style. Emu oil has been shown to help with unhealthy scalp and hair loss. Just a few drops in your conditioner can be go a long way towards healthy scalp and hair.

Go easy on using a lot of hair products. Too much hair spray, gels and other products can damage your hair and make it look unnatural.

Use a fragrance-free shampoo and other hair products. Fragrance and harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can irritate your scalp and lead to sensitivities and even allergies.

Minimize exposing your hair to high heat with hair dryers. Either air dry or use low heat settings.

Wearing hats frequently and wearing tight hats or tight buns or ponytails can also damage hair and lead to hair loss called 'traction alopecia'.

The best shampoo for men, if you listen to most commercials, is whatever one will smell nice or have a mysterious combination of ingredients that will automatically and magically induce the attraction of the opposite sex. In reality, however, shampoo and hair care products should be focused on getting your hair clean and healthy without irritating your scalp and skin. With the right gentle hypoallergenic hair products the result will make you look polished and well-groomed.

Cleure’s fragrance-free, SLS-free shampoo and hair care offer several benefits in this regard. First, Cleure’s shampoo and conditioner are sodium lauryl sulfate free. SLS, for short, this ingredient typically is a commercial grade detergent added to soaps and personal care products to increase lather. Statistics estimate that one in five individuals has sensitive skin and SLS is a leading cause and irritant to sensitive skin. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain SLS or fragrance, another known irritant. Void of these two ingredients alone, means that you are reducing skin irritation, break out, and helping control dry and itchy scalp which can be both distracting and unattractive.

Cleure’s shampoo and conditioner still provide a squeaky clean result with healthy, intense shine and volumizing effects. Without fragrance to irritate your skin and awkward chemicals to dull your hair, these products provide the best shampoo for men without relying on clever gimmicks and overwhelming scents.

Cleure also offers hypoallergenic hair gel for those wishing to style their hair. For those looking for healthy shine and hold, Cleure’s medium hold natural hair styling gel has a non-greasy hold that won’t flake or cause drying while still allowing styling and control over your hair. Emu oil, certified as triple purified by the American Emu Association provides long-lasting shine and moisturizing effects for hair and skin. The non-irritating hair conditioner not only leaves hair easy to manage, but also doubles up as shaving cream. It will leave your skin soft after shaving. If you are seeking the best shampoo for men - or the best hair care products - Cleure offers a wide range of natural and hypoallergenic hair products.

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