Best Care Guide for Dry and Sensitive Skin

You may have noticed many brands are now targeting sensitive skin. Over 50% of the U.S. population seeing a dermatologist, complain of sensitive skin. This easily irritated type of skin becomes more common with age and may even show signs such as very dry skin with symptoms of flaking, itching and stinging. Age plays a part since the skin tends to retain less moisture, specially in cold weather. If you have these types of annoying and not very attractive signs all over your body, there are ways to prevent them.

Stick with Gentle Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Your very dry sensitive skin is telling you the more TLC you give your body the better. Most brands that aim at younger looking skin for moisturizing, have certain ingredients that may aggravate your sensitive skin. Don't be fooled by moisturizers that have a long list of plants. Many plants are either soaked in harsh preservatives to prevent mold, (often not listed on the label), or they may have irritating side effects themselves.

Your daily skin care routine is very important and what products you use is even more crucial. You absorb what you rub on your body. Choosing the right gentle moisturizer is very important for hydration. It's important to moisturize within 3-5 minutes of cleaning your face or showering.

Many anti-aging skin care products contain salicylic acid. This ingredient is meant to help prevent inflammation, but can be highly irritating. Retinol is often prescribed for fighting wrinkles. It's also available in over-the-counter products. Although affective, it is also irritating and drying. Hyaluronic acid is a more gentle way to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Cleure Eye Repair Gel works well towards helping prevent and repair fine lines and motivate new collagen production with sodium hyaluronate.


Use a Gentle Cleanser

Your cleanser should be totally soap free. Harsh soap-like detergents include the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This ingredient can further dry your skin. Cleure Lotion Cleanser for sensitive skin cleans without stripping your skin of vital natural oils. The Cleure Glycerine Oatmeal Face & Body Bar is great for those who prefer a bar.

It's important not to use very hot water when washing your face or showering. Hot water further dries the skin. Dry very gently with a soft towel - never rub, but pat dry.

Use a Gentle Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Shea butter in body lotion softens without clogging pores. For the ultimate deep penetrating moisturizing oil, try Cleure Emu Oil. It's important to find one that has been purified and has the seal of the American Emu Association on the label. They have very strict guidelines for purity and will not allow their seal on any emu oil without checking quality.



Use Non-Irritating Sunscreen

Many sunscreens contain benezophenones and other harsh, irritating ingredients. Cleure broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or SPF 30 contain the safest physical sunblocks of zinc and titanium ingredients. These are very affective and gentle on sensitive skin.

Other Tips for TLC of Very Dry Sensitive Skin

Don't touch your face. Dermatologists warn against causing irritation by transferring bacteria, fungus, and viruses from your fingers to your skin. Make sure as you apply lotions, creams and makeup that your hands are clean.

For makeup, dermatologists prefer mineral based cosmetics. These will not clog pores and in general are gentle on sensitive skin.

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