Benefits of Taking a Break from Makeup

With lockdown orders keeping us inside, most of us who regularly wear makeup in the outside world have taken a break from it entirely because what’s the point if no one is seeing us besides our pets and the occasional coworker on a poor quality video chat. While it may just be for convenience’s sake, there are still so many perks of leaving makeup out of your daily routine for a little while.

If you’re in the midst of keeping your skin “quarantine clean” or just looking for some reasons to take a short break from makeup in general, here are eight benefits of a break up with makeup.

Increase your natural hydrating oils

Many makeup products are full of harsh ingredients like parabens, fragrances, and dyes that disrupt the natural production and balance of oils which can lead to skin that is either too oily or too dry. Taking a break from makeup gives your skin time to rebalance, and produce just enough oil that is vital for your skin’s health.

Fewer breakouts and smaller pores

Constantly rubbing heavy creams and powders on your face will lead to clogged pores which make pores appear larger and potentially causes breakouts. According to dermatologist Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, makeup is the root cause of about 30% of breakouts amongst women. Giving your skin the time to breathe will allow it to purge (sweat out) the built-up makeup residue, reopening your pores, and decreasing inflammation and breakouts.

Prevent signs of aging

While you may be using makeup to cover up signs of aging, it can actually be yielding the opposite results. Not only can foundation, concealer, and bronzer sink into fine lines, drawing more attention to already existing wrinkles, but the constant tugging at the delicate eye area whilst applying eyeliner and concealer can create even more lines than before.

Diagnose makeup allergies

If you wear makeup often and tend to get watery eyes or redness on your face, it’s probably not a coincidence. Makeup allergies are more common than you may think, and irritation on the skin and eyes is a common sign of contact dermatitis. If you take a break from your regular mascara and eyeliner and go through the day more tear-free and blotch-free than usual, you can deduce that you have some sort of makeup allergy. That way when you start wearing makeup again, you’ll know to seek out hypoallergenic eyeliner and foundation formulas. Read more about makeup allergies here.

Fewer bacteria

Let’s face it, most of us don’t practice the best hygiene when it comes to our makeup collection. Sometimes we don’t have the time to clean our brushes and sponges as often as we should, and throwing away a beloved makeup product that is past its expiration date can feel nearly impossible. If you haven’t been keeping up with cleanly makeup practices, bacteria can be running rampant in your makeup compacts and making their way to your face. While not all bacteria are harmful, some strains can cause infections like pink eye or even viral illnesses like the flu.

Leaving makeup out of your routine will give your skin a break from bacteria, and you can take the time to deeply clean your makeup brushes and rid yourself of products that are older than what’s suitable for hygienic usage. If you can't bring yourself to part with your beauty products, or they haven’t quite reached their expiration date, spritz them with some specialized makeup disinfectant spray or just regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria, so when you reintroduce makeup, it won’t be swimming with germs.

More time for other things

Depending on how full out you go, your makeup routine can be anywhere from five minutes to over an hour. While throwing on a little bit of mascara every morning isn’t chewing into your morning routine too much, if you regularly put on a full face, it can be extremely time-consuming. If you cut out your makeup routine, you can get in an extra bit of sleep, or spend that time meditating, exercising, or preparing a breakfast more lavish than a bowl of cereal. Having that little chunk of extra time for yourself in the morning can help decrease stress (which will also benefit your skin in the long run).

Go right to bed

The end of your day will be a lot calmer as well. Makeup removal can be one of the most time consuming and irritating parts of a nighttime skin routine. While on your makeup purge, you can go straight into cleansing. Think of the time you’ll save when you don’t have to scrape mascara off each lash or wipe away every last fleck of glitter. If your exhaustion is dire, you can even fall straight into bed without washing your face without the fear of waking up with a slew of new pimples.

Start loving the skin you’re in

Makeup is by no means the enemy. For many, it can be a form of self-expression and art, or just give an overall boost of self-confidence. But it’s healthy to take a break every once in a while to embrace your natural skin and beauty that will shine even brighter after you give yourself a makeup detox.

It’s still crucial to put in some effort

With all this being said, you don’t want to start slacking on your skincare. Keep up with your daily skincare routine, or if you’re looking for a change, try these spring skincare tips. And when you do take a step outside for your daily walk or bike ride, remember to lather on the mineral sunscreen

Make some makeup swaps

If you’re noticing clearer skin from your makeup breakup then the products you were using were likely a part of the problem. Some of it is an inevitable part of wearing makeup, but sometimes specific products are the culprit. If you’re looking for something to do to fill your newfound free time, hop on the internet and research what’s really in your makeup, and how it will affect you and your skin. That way you’ll have a better idea of what you're really putting on your skin and letting into your body, and when you’re ready to pull out your (freshly cleaned) makeup brushes once again, consider trying natural, mineral makeup that’s free of abrasive chemical ingredients. We’re all falling victim to online shopping right now, so add some makeup (and skincare) to your cart. 

Embrace the bare face

Makeup enhances our features, and can add some radiance to the face we put forward to the world. But sometimes, if you don’t give your skin a break, it can give you even more breakouts, redness, and irritation to cover up. You may be getting sick of being inside, but be grateful for an excuse to not wear any makeup. Your skin will be thanking you once it’s gone through a makeup detox.

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