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Radiant, Healthy Hair

Get sensational, radiant, healthy hair with Cleure Sensitive Skin Shampoo. Free of SLS and for all types, even color treated! Shop Now

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The Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Dermatologists report more than 50 percent of their patients have sensitive skin, which has prompted them to look for the best skincare products for sensitive skin. Are you tired of reading words you can't even pronounce on the labels of products that touch your skin every day? So was Dr. Flora Stay, and that is exactly why she founded Cleure. She realized that it was time for sensitive skin care products that are as clean and pure as our natural skin. And if she felt this way, surely many other women would agree. With the release of Cleure's original products for sensitive skin care, Dr. Flora found out that she was right. Cleure was met with an excited audience, eager to find natural, ethical and hypoallergenic solutions for all of their sensitive skin and body care needs.

Revolutionizing Gluten-Free Skin Care

Cleure's gluten-free skin care represents a revolution in the industry — a change for the betterment of our bodies. We create gluten-free skin care formulas that enhance the skin’s natural ability toward health, youthfulness and radiance. So, whether you're shopping for gluten-free skin care, shampoo for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic makeup or natural products to support your dental health, you'll find them here on one easy-to-shop site. You'll find it easy to browse by category and reassuring to know that every product is clean and pure. If you agree that your skin deserves the very best, then you are about embark on a lifelong love affair with Cleure's entire range of natural skin care products.

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