Cleure Hair Spray - Strong Hold (8 oz)


Lock your favorite hairstyle in with Cleure Firm Hold Hair Spray. Our quick-dry, light mist is flake free and resistant to humidity.  This gentle, fragrance-free hairspray option will provide long-lasting hold without drying out your hair or irritating your scalp.

The pH is between 4.5-5 / batch made.

NOTE: Hairspray may spray out in more of a stream than a fine mist. If this happens we recommend running hot water through the pump.

Hold 10-12 inches from dry, styled hair to instantly get the firm hold, quick dry mist. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Inhaling contents can be harmful.
Purified Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Panthenol **Ingredients are subject to change.

What it is:

Gone are the days of sticky, aerosol hairsprays full of alcohol, parabens, and fragrance. Say goodbye to those hairsprays reminiscent of dance recital dressing rooms and eighties prom photos, and say hello to Cleure's Strong Hold Hairspray. Lock in your hair style, manage flyaways, or add body and volume with this flake-free, non-aeresol hairspray that works for all ages, genders, and hair types including color treated hair.

What we leave out:

Other hairsprays are formulated with harmful ingredients like parabens, fragrance, gluten, and salicylates which can irritate your scalp, causing itching, dyness, flakes, or flare ups of contact dermatitis and other skin conditions. We leave those out for more results with less risk.

What we put in:

We strive for ingredients with intention, so we curate locally sourced, naturally nourishing ingredients like panthenol (Vitamin B5) to hold in moisture and revive dry, damaged hair.

How it will benefit you:

This non-greasy, fragrance-free hairspray nourishes hair, whilst allowing you to create your desired style without stiffness, flakes, or residue. Our easy to use, malleable formula is lightweight and provides strong hold, and can be used by all genders with any hair type and texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda Hajjar (Birmingham, US)

No odor!

Victoria Kamperman (Lancaster, US)

I love the Cleure products and having an option to purchase unscented beauty products. The hair spray did not hold well for me. I have very thick hair and it may work fine for others. I will continue to order products here - but probably not the hair spray.

Anna Carrow (Minneapolis, US)
Finishing Hair Spray

For a pump hairspray it does a good job, a little pasty since there’s not much spray action with the pump, wish it was a bit more mist like, but considering it’s free and clear of all parabens and chemicals it’s ideal!!

Sharon Hirschowitz (Sarasota, US)
Fantastic hair spray

Great hair spray with firm hold. Really works without being sticky. Love the fact that it has a neutral smell.

Jane R (Lehi, US)
Good hold

I was a little skeptical when I bought this, but holds well! Hair is obviously a little stiff, but doesn't seem any worse than "regular" hair spray.

Janice Crump (Pueblo, US)
Clear Hair Spray

I love the hair spray. First of all, it does not seem to affect my rosacea. Next comment is that I live in Pueblo West, Co, where it is very windy 90% of the time. Cleure hair spray helps my hairdo return to a pretty good state after being blown about fiercely. Thank you for that.

Jan Doelle (Hopkins, US)
Hair spray

Love it!

V Irby

I love this hairspray! It doesn't stay sticky like other natural hairsprays. It has a good hold and a marvelous spray dispenser! It's been such a long time since I've had hairspray

30 Day Return Policy on every item

Bottle is recyclable and sourced ethically

Beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

Free of SLS, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, salicylates, alcohol, and fragrance

Never tested on animals & cruelty-free

All products 100% made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nope, it will provide a strong hold without building up and flaking.
A: Nope, it's alcohol free.

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