Toothpaste Ingredients Can Lead to Contact Dermatitis

Most commercial toothpaste contain certain ingredients, such as flavors, detergents including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), coloring agents,artificial sweeteners, fluoride and abrasives.This short article will explain why the best choice in oral care is SLS free and fluoride free toothpaste. Some of the ingredients in toothpaste, specially SLS, can result in tissue sloughing, or contact dermatitis. Mayo Clinic reports one cause of canker sores is SLS. Fluoride in toothpaste is another ingredient that has had its day of controversy.

SLS in Toothpaste: What it is, and Should You Avoid it?

SLS is a harsh, synthetic detergent mostly used to create foaming action in toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Dermatologists include it as a standard detergent for skin patch testing to determine irritation and allergies. According to journal of Contact Dermatitis and,toothpaste ingredients can induce contact dermatitis, as well as allergic contact cheilitis, which results in small lesions around the lips and mouth.

Read what one dermatologist reports in Practical Dermatology about Cleure Toothpaste.

The following conditions are a few that may be attributed to toothpaste:

SLS affects the barrier function of skin, causing it to become permeable. This permeability increases blood flow and eventual absorption and irritation from SLS or other irritating substances in the toothpaste.


Xylitol in Toothpaste: Another Option for Tooth Decay Prevention


Children under the age of 6, find it difficult to spit out toothpaste while brushing. If toothpaste with fluoride is swallowed, it may result in a toxic reaction, which has warranted the strong warning on the back of all toothpaste that contain fluoride.


Xylitol is the new fluoride. National Institute of Health reports chewing gum with xylitoljust for 5 minutes three times a day, can reduce tooth decay by more than 60 percent. Other benefits of xylitol include increasing flow of saliva to help with dry mouth. Dry mouth can be detrimental towards gum disease and tooth decay.


Studies have reported that xylitol is effective in helping to remineralize the outer surface of the tooth, called enamel. In other words, it can strengthen this layer and reverse the initial stages of tooth decay. Cleure formulates entire selection of SLS-free, fluoride-free and gluten-free oral-care products. You might even be pleasantly surprised to find that these products are also free of other undesirable ingredients. For example, you'll find alcohol-free, mint-free mouthwash, SLS-free toothpaste for sensitive teeth, gum with xylitol and even the only original flavor-free toothpaste.

Whether you have celiac disease, contact dermatitis, sensitivity to flavors and other ingredients, or you just care about natural oral care, Cleure dental health products will give you something to smile about.
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