What it is:

A hypoallergenic, long-wear lip pencil that'll keep your lipstick precise and in place for hours. This smooth, waterproof pencil is easy to apply and can be used to line the lips before applying lipstick, or alone by filling in the lips entirely.

What we put in:

Our mineral makeup starts with a base of non-nano particle titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and is brought to life with pigments and dyes rated safe by Skin Safe.

What we leave out:

We use makeup to enhance our beauty, but once you find out that they’re often packed with parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, and salicylates that can harm your skin, they lose a little bit of their lustre. We strive for ingredients with intention so we stay away from harsh, irritating ingredients, and keep our makeup clean and pure for a natural radiance without the risk of breakouts and allergic reaction.