Dr. Flora Stay, DDS Founder of Cleure

As a practicing dentist and educator for over 30 years, I was receiving free cases of toothpaste samples from major brands sent to my practice to give to my patients. One day, for the first time, I noticed the warning on the back of the tube and actually read it. I had never paid attention to it.

I was shocked with the information! This is what it said:

"WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 yrs of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away."

I was disturbed that I was giving my children toothpaste with this warning on it. I thought there had to be something better out there, but I couldn't find any.

This is what started my journey!

For the next several years, I researched and took courses on ingredients and chemicals in toothpaste and any side effects they may have.

As a result, I learned ingredients in toothpaste could very well have been the cause of some of the puzzling conditions in and around the mouth that patients were told had no cause.

Cold sores, dry patches, burning mouth syndrome, and other types of rashes in and around the mouth were some of the conditions I was seeing. This was frustrating, specially as I kept hearing patients tell me their physicians or dentists didn't know the cause or "it may be stress related" or "it may come and go, you'll have to live with it".

To remove the doubt as to the cause, I removed the ingredients and formulated a healthier, safer and more effective choice of toothpaste. No warning needed. Now I can confidently say, Cleure is even safe for my grandchildren.

Using the same foundation of healthier, safer and more effective ingredients, as patients and customers demanded more types of products, Cleure has grown to become a one stop shop for personal care products, such as skin, hair and body care.

Our mission will never change, as we strive towards providing healthily formulated products for all ages and the whole family.