Winter Skin Rehab Tips

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Winter Skin Rehab Tips

Winter Skin Rehab Tips

Winter Skin Rehab Tips

If you have sensitive skin, any abrupt changes in climate may make a difference. If you have dry sensitive skin, winter will magnify skin problems even more. You may notice your skin getting cracked, itchy and uncomfortable in cold weather.

Freezing temperatures, dry air from your heater blasting in every room, and low moisture in the air, can cause your skin to appear drier and not healthy at all. Your skin symptoms may include scaling, peeling, redness, ashy and be rough looking. Protecting your skin properly during winter, can help keep your skin healthy all year long.

Dry Skin Causes

The most common cause of dry skin is lack of moisture. Harsh, irritating ingredients in your skin care or makeup can be depleting your skin of natural oils. The source or cause of dehydration of your skin may be the following:

  • Fragrance is irritating to delicate, dry skin. It's found in most brands of skin care, hair care and makeup. Dermatologists recommend fragrance free skin care, makeup and hair care. Hydrating ingredients that are helpful include butters like shea and cocoa in skin care.

  • Harsh detergents found in cleansers and soap bars, specially sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), can cause dryness. Use gentle lotion cleansers, like Cleure.

  • Some people may be born with certain genes that cause the skin barrier from functioning properly. This will increase the risk of developing eczema.

  • Your tap water you take showers or baths in, may be high in certain minerals, such as magnesium, lead and zinc. This hard water can leave a harsh film on your skin which will contribute to dryness. To combat this, choose a water softener or filtration system for your home. Use skin care products that contain anti-oxidants such as vitamin C.

  • Certain treatment products, such as for acne or anti-aging may contain harsh ingredients. Retinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are some of these ingredients that may rob your skin of natural oils and moisture. If you have to use these types of medicating products, it's important to apply a sensitive dry skin moisturizer before applying the medicated cream or lotion. This can help prevent some of the drying side effects.

  • Keep your indoor air moist with a humidifier. Emu oil is excellent for very dry skin. Keep a bottle on hand and use it as soon as you see signs of dry skin.

  • Showering your body too often or washing your hands constantly, will contribute to dry skin. It's important to keep clean, but moisturize immediately after. It's also a good idea to stay away from very hot water. Wash with luke warm or warm water instead.