Sensitive Skin Care Routine

Your skin is the most visible part of your body. Healthy skin is often seen as a sign of overall good health, as illness can reflect how your complexion feels and appears. Additionally, skin that is well cared for has many benefits, such as preventing sensitive skin problems and premature aging. Healthy skin gives you confidence as well as a lifetime of youthful, radiant beauty. Beauty is truly skin deep and for this reason and more, it's important for you to understand how to care for your skin. Sensitive skin requires special care, since it's easily irritated. This article will help you have healthy, beautiful skin beyond what is clearly visible.

What Your Skin is Made Of

Although most don't often consider it as such, the skin is considered an organ. On average, it weighs approximately eight pounds and covers 22 square feet. Human skin constantly grows new cells and sheds old ones. In fact, once every 28 to 35 days, the skin renews itself, which means the skin replaces itself approximately 10 times a year.

Your skin consists of three layers that include:

  • Epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. This layer contains a protein called keratin, and another substance that produces melanin, which give you the color of your skin. This layer also helps retain moisture (source: WebMD).
  • The middle layer is the dermis which includes two components to help prevent wrinkles. These two substances are elastin and collagen.
  • The inner most layer is called subcutaneous layer, which is mostly made of fat cells and collagen. This layer helps protect your internal organs from harm.

Learning about your skin is important towards choosing the most beneficial products for you. Also essential, is how to put together your daily skin care routine. Based on your skin type, finding the best products will result in radiant, healthy skin, helping to prevent sensitive skin reactions. 

Basics You Need for Daily Sensitive Skin Care Routine

The epidermis, or outermost layer of your skin, is most easily damaged due to the environment, poor skin care, and harsh skin products you may be using. Healthy skin must be cleansed properly, moisturized and protected from environmental elements that cause damage. There are certain essentials you'll need follow for your sensitive skin in order to see healthy visible results. The following are needed for all skin types. You can customize your routine by checking the table below for what products you need to add to your routine, based on your skin type.

  • Cleanser - Clean skin means healthy skin. No matter your skin type, you need to keep your skin clean.

  • Moisturizer - All skin types need to maintain hydration. Problem skin destroys the skin's natural oils, leaving the skin dull and unhealthy.

  • Exfoliating scrub - Daily, weekly or monthly, based on your skin type will help new healthy cells to surface and replace dead skin cells.

  • Sun Protection - Sunscreen with SPF of 15 to 30 with zinc oxide must be part of your daily routine, when exposed to the sun.

What Skincare Products Are For and Which You Need

The following is a table of skincare products, what they're for and what to expect after using them. Choosing the right products for sensitive skin is important due to how easily your skin can become irritated. Be patient and you'll soon find the perfect skin care routine for you.

Skincare Product
Skin Type
What It Does
Expected Results

Lotion Cleanser
Best for dry or normal
skin type
Gently cleans without soap
or harsh ingredients, such
as sulfates.
Cleure Lotion Cleanser
gently cleans without
leaving your skin feeling
tight and itchy. Instead
your skin feels clean,
smooth and soft.

Glycerin Face & Body Bar
For all skin
Glycerin conditions
as it cleans, oatmeal helps
sooth away problem
Used daily for face and body
cleansing, skin becomes
softer and smoother
with each use. Great
for the whole body.
Face & Body
Oily skin

removes impurities without
stripping the skin of natural
Your skin feels better and
clearer when you use
the right cleanser for
your sensitive skin type.
Best for oily, adult
acne prone skin
This is the final step for
cleaning your face. Toner
helps prevent breakouts by
cleaning and closing pores.
Helps clean by gentle
Cleure alcohol-free toner
leaves your skin pH balanced
for perfect healthy and clear
complexion. It's important
to only use alcohol-free
Facial Exfoliant
Excellent for adult
acne prone skin, and
preventing aging
Acne, sun damage and
aging skin can cause the
surface of your skin to
appear unhealthy and dull.
Daily or bi-weekly
exfoliation helps remove
build-up of dead skin cells.
Cleure Exfoliating Scrub
gently removes dead cells
from the surface, leaving
your skin smooth,
radiant and healthy. This
should be an important
part of daily skin care
routine to prevent acne,
and pre-mature aging
of your skin.
Facial Mask
All skin types Kaolin clay and dead
sea mud help add vital
nutrients to dull complexion.
A regular at home facial
with scrub and mask is
vital to healthy
complexion. Fruit acids help
improve skin's resilience.
Your skin will feel refined,
soft and smooth with
regular use.
Day Cream Moisturizer
Dry, or combi-
nation skin
Moisturizer with shea
butter and anti-oxidants
help rebuild natural
barrier of the skin,
damaged by the environ-
Keeping your skin
hydrated is important
for preventing aging and
for healthy skin. Anti-
oxidants help fight
harmful free-radicals.
Oil-Free Facial Lotion
Oily skin Moisturizer is
important for oily skin.
The wrong type can
cause clogged pores and
Hydrates without oily
feel or resulting clogged
pores. Your skin feels
smooth, healthy and clear.
Night Cream
Normal to dry
skin types
Helps repair while you
sleep. Anti-oxidants
help fight free-radicals.
Apply nightly and
you'll notice repair and
rejuvenation while you
All skin types Protection from the
UV rays of the sun
is extremely important
for healthy skin.
Cleure SPF 15 and
SPF 30 help protect your
skin with zinc oxide
and titanium dioxide
without harmful
ingredients or greasy feel.
Emu Oil
Very dry skin Penetrates deep to relieve
even the most dry skin. Must
be purified properly and
have seal of the American
Emu Association. Has
anti-bacterial properties
with no side effects.
Emu oil can be used
on nail beds, feet and
any area that's very dry.
Will not clog pores and
has no known side
effects on skin. Excellent for
sensitive skin.


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