How to Apply Eye Makeup

Accentuating your eyes with a natural or dramatic look can make a big difference in your appearance and doesn't have to be hard. Learning how to apply eye makeup and seeing the transformation just takes a few simple know-how steps. You'll be pleasantly surprised how beautiful your eyes can look with these easy steps.

There are different techniques to apply eye makeup. Experiment until you find the best way to apply your eye makeup. The following are some of the most popular techniques for applying your eye makeup. Makeup artists agree, before your start applying your eye makeup, clean your face with a gentle sensitive skin cleanser.

How to Apply Eyeliner

  1. Hold gently your eyelid taut and draw small, connected dashes along the top lashes.
  2. Line the entire upper lid, unless your eyes are close-set, then line only the outer corners.
  3. To make your eyes look bigger, extend slightly to the outer corners of the eye.
  4. Use a sponge tip or cotton tipped applicator to soften the line.
  5. Use a matching shadow on top of the liner to hold it in place.
  6. Clean any mistakes with a cotton tipped applicator. 

Eye Brow Shaping

  1. Tweeze or wax any random hairs below your eyebrows.
  2. Use a pencil that closely matches your hair color.
  3. Make sure the pencil is sharpened but not too sharp, or it may break off.
  4. Starting from the inner to outer corner, lightly fill in your eyebrow. 
  5. Using a cotton swab, gently rub off mistakes.
  6. Use an eyebrow brush to comb and blend the pencil.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

  1. Medium color is applied to your eyelid (from lash line to crease).
  2. A lighter color goes on your brow bone, or right under the arch t the outer section of the brow.
  3. Darker shade goes on your crease. Start from the outer corner of your crease to the middle.
  4. Blend all the colors with a clean brush or your fingers.

How to Apply Mascara

  1. For casual look, apply mascara only to upper lashes. If you want to apply to lower lashes, use less. 
  2. Coat an extra layer to the outer corners of your lashes. This gives the appearance of longer lashes.
  3. Mascara should not be kept more than 6 months. After that time, toss it.

Recommended Eye Makeup for Sensitive Skin

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Mineral Mascara
hypoallergenic eyeshadow
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Hypoallergenic Eyeliner
Hypoallergenic Eyeliner

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