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The Perfect color Palette for Every Season


Do you know which makeup colors look best on you? If you aren’t sure, the best way to find out is by first determining what “season” you are. Color analysts believe we are naturally drawn to the colors that look best on us, which are the colors that complement our skin tone and eye color. Although we may change our hair color to something we weren’t born with, choosing makeup that brings out the best in our natural coloring is easy when we focus on skin tone and eye color. Discover how to find your skin tone and which colors complement it below.

How do you find your proper color season and which makeup colors work for your skin tone? To determine whether you have a winter, summer, spring, or fall complexion, start with the basics – which foundation looks best? Dab some pink-tinted liquid foundation on one cheek, and a yellow-tinted foundation on the other. Which one disappears when blended? If it’s pink, your skin has a “cool” undertone and looks best in the summer or winter color palette, but if yellow, you’re a “warm” skin tone and should wear either the spring or autumn palette. Sun exposure or illness may alter your skin color, but the basic DNA of your skin doesn’t change.

The winter color palette consists of strong, bold, colors with a blue or “cool” undertone (think cherry or candy apple red as opposed to “orangey” red), with the summer palette being the lighter, pastel version of these colors. The autumn color palette is made up of rich earth tones found in nature such as deep, woodsy browns, russet, and gold. The spring palette is the lighter version of these same colors. Knowing the right color palette for your skin tone is a basic key to looking your best, no matter what makeup products you use.

At Cleure, we offer a wide range of makeup products in all colors. We also understand that what goes on your skin goes in your body, and that is why we formulate each and every one of our makeup products to be friendly to your skin and healthy for your body. Whether you’re using our new mineral pressed powder blush to add a natural, healthy glow to your cheeks, or our hypoallergenic, long lasting lipstick for more kissable lips, your body will thank you for switching to our non-comedogenic, fragrance-free makeup for sensitive skin.

Our unique makeup provides the perfect color palette for every season. Go light with pastel eyeshadows and nude lip gloss for a fresh spring look, warm it up with peach and pink for a summertime glow, use earth tones for a warmer fall look, or cool it down with grays and blues for a wintertime wow factor. Whatever look you’re going for, whether light and airy for daytime, or dark and mysterious for a night on the town, Cleure has the perfect palette for you.

When it comes to quality cosmetics for sensitive skin, Cleure has you covered. We produce the best Salicylate-free makeup available today for sensitive skin. Whether you have allergies to certain ingredients commonly found in makeup, or just sensitive skin, our products are kind to your face, and help enhance your natural beauty in a natural way. At Cleure, we strive to formulate our skin care and makeup product lines to be hypoallergenic and avoid any irritating ingredients. We also love animals, and demand no animal testing. Our products are free of fragrance, salicylates, gluten, formaldehyde, and other harshingredients.

Cleure’s salicylate free, paraben free, allergy-free makeup for sensitive skin will accentuate your natural beauty, and won’t harm or irritate your skin in the process. Isn’t it about time someone produced a product line for the millions of women with allergies and sensitive skin? We thought so, too. That’s why we do what we do, and keep things pure and simple, so you can enjoy being beautiful you.

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