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It's been said that a happy life with lots of smiles results in wrinkles. This is a wonderful way of looking at wrinkles, but most of us would rather smile a lot while hiding the wrinkles.

If you look in the mirror and see fine lines or wrinkles, like most, you want to hide or minimize their appearance. Age, too much sun exposure and plain neglect of skin, can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Besides Botox, there are easier, less expensive and less painful ways to hide wrinkles while looking younger. Makeup will make a huge differernce, however, how you use makeup can make all the difference. The following easy beauty tips for aging skin will help you learn how to hide fine lines and wrinkles with makeup.

Makeup Dos & Don'ts to Look Younger

The wrong makeup or too much makeup can add years to your face. What Hollywood makeup artists consider mistakes to age your face include:

  • Too much concealer and too light of a concealer can make you have raccoon eyes. You want to brighten, but not lighten. It's best to choose a concealer that matches your skin tone.

  • Don't go overboard with powders. Mineral makeup can look natural, help contour and eliminate shine, but too much of it will settle into fine lines, exaggerating them.

  • Blend your foundation onto your neck or any other exposed areas. You don't want to look two-toned. Foundation should be even on any areas you can see that's not covered, even your ears.

  • Apply eye shadow first, followed by eyeliner. Unless your hand is not steady, then apply eyeliner first.

  • Accentuating your eyes will help camouflage wrinkles. Beautifully shaped eyebrows will frame your eyes. Just don't make them too thick or dark. Brow or hair gel used with a brow brush will help keep them in place.

  • Don't excessively wing your eyeliner. Instead soften while gently extending outwards as though you're extending your lower lashes.

  • Fake looking false lashes make you look dated and old glam. Either get false lashes put on professionally or get natural looking ones and practice until they look natural.

  • Bronzer and blush go on last. Too much blush can make you look like a clown. You want just a sun-kissed soft and natural blush. Apply blush just below the apples of your cheek. Don't add too close to your nose or too high near the temples.

  • Always apply lip liner before lipstick. Lip liner defines the lip's shape and helps it stay on longer without running.

  • Make sure to use moisturizer before applying makeup. Moisturizer primes your skin for makeup.

  • Do use a finishing powder that contains cosmetic rice powder. This will not only hide wrinkles beautifully, minimize shine, but also helps keep your makeup stay on longer.

  • Blend, blend, blend until the makeup looks natural and even.

Plump up Aging Skin Naturally

Unhealthy, aging skin becomes thin and dry, which shows or accentuates wrinkles. Making the skin look fuller helps minimize them. Anti aging skin care for sensitive skin with fruit acids, AHA and sodium hyaluronate together, act as a natural and safer way to plump up instead of Botox.

Best Makeup Tips to Hide Wrinkles

Sodium hyaluronate is found in connective tissue of our body to cushion and lubricate. It helps maintain water in your skin, which is the best way to hydrate and prevent dry skin and wrinkles. Sodium hyaluronate also helps old skin celles to shed, and be replaced by new healthy cells. The skin feels softer, firmer, smoother and healthier. Fruit acids help increase the thickness of deeper layers of the skin to make it firmer. It also helps promote production of skin collagen and elastin.

Many anti aging creams contain retinoid or salicylic acid. These ingredients can be very irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Exfoliate Old Skin Cells Regularly

Skin cells shed and are replaced with new ones routinely. As we get older or don't clean properly, the old cells add up on the skin, causing clogged pores and an unhealthy complexion. A gentle exfoliating scrub with fine pumice is an excellent way to remove old skin cells and allow new ones to surface.

If your skin is not healthy, it will not stay hydrated no matter how much moisturizer you apply. Add weekly exfoliating to your skin care, and you'll notice a difference. Follow with a facial mask with kaolin clay and dead sea mud to help make your skin silky smooth.

Ounce of Prevention for Aging Skin

Helping to prevent wrinkles is even more important towards maintaining healthy skin. When skin is unhealthy, fine lines and wrinkles appear early. Avoid skin care cosmetics with harsh and irritating ingredients. Keep your skin clean with a gentle soap-free cleanser and salicylate free products for sensitive skin. Always use a natural sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet rays with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and cover up with sun glasses and a hat, along with long sleeves, if possible.

Recommended Products to Hide Wrinkles

Gentle Exfoliating Scrub & Mask
Gentle Exfoliating
Scrub & Mask
Sensitive Skin Soap-Free Cleanser & Toner
Soap-Free Cleanser
Sensitive Skin Concealer to Hide Wrinkles
Concealer to Hide Wrinkles
Natural Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin
Natural Sunscreen

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