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Many people suffer with sensitive skin, and certain ingredients have been identified as irritants that cause problem skin. Learning how to choose a cleanser is especially important for those with sensitive skin. With sensitive skin, you're more likely to react with itching, burning, or rashes just by using a facial cleanser or other skin care product. There are many factors that cause sensitive skin, and understanding them and how to take care of your skin is important towards preventing symptoms.

Acne, rosacea, eczema and contact dermatitis are just some of the conditions that can be a result of sensitive skin. Proper skin care routine is a big step towards minimizing problems. Here are important tips for best practices of cleansing sensitive skin including which products to choose and which to avoid.

What to Avoid in Your Cleanser

In your effort to find just the right sensitive skin facial cleansers, it's easy to understand why you may try several based on what the label or advertisement promises. Dermatologists advise to be careful of the latest quick fix ingredient or product found to be the cure-all for your sensitive skin condition. For example, the word 'natural' is a common marketing term that may make you envision earthy plant extracts and remedies to clear your skin in a flash. Even plant ingredients have side effects and can cause symptoms.

Among the list of harsh ingredients added to most facial cleansers or soaps is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Sodium lauryl sulfate is added to many products and you'll find it by checking the label of just about any shampoo, toothpaste, cleansers or soaps, among others. Not only can it be irritating to your sensitive skin, but you may even be allergic to it. SLS has many potential health risks, but the main problem with it is that it's drying and harsh. SLS has several functions, including surfactant, emulsifier, foaming agent, detergent and solvent. You may already be aware that what you spread, place or rub on your skin is also absorbed into the body.This is specially important if you have sensitive skin, since it gets easily irritated.

The following are some ingredients you should avoid in your facial cleansers, no matter your skin type:

  • Alcohol

  • Beta hydroxy acids

  • Witch hazel

  • Formaldehyde

  • Propylene glycol

  • Quaternary ammonium sulfate

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

  • Uria

  • Fragrance

  • Salicylic acid

  • Herbal ingredients, plant extracts, essential oils, including lavendar, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus, camphor

Start with a sensitive skin facial cleanser suited for your skin type, that is soap and sulfate free along with the ingredients listed above.

Gentle Facial Cleanser is Best for Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is very temperamental. Scrubbing too hard, washing your face with very hot or cold water and using cleansers with harsh irritating ingredients will all not feel good to your skin. Dermatitis refers to a wide range of skin conditions with inflammation that appear as red, dry, scaly, and itching reactions on your skin. Usually, these signs and symptoms appear when your skin comes into contact with a particular substance. The result will either be an allergic reaction or a localized irritation. This is why using gentle skin care products along with a simple daily skincare routine is best for sensitive skin.

Often, if you have sensitive skin, you may think your skin needs a potent cleanser to remove dirt, bacteria or whatever you think may be causing skin problems. In fact, you may have opted for an antimicrobial cleanser thinking the problem is germs. You may have even thought a gentle facial cleanser doesn't feel like it's cleaning your face. Although it's important to remove makeup, dirt, environmental pollution and dead cells, a gentle cleanser may accomplish this very effectively and just what your sensitive skin needs.

How Often to Wash Your Face

How often you wash your face depends on your skin type.

  • For oily skin, wash once in the morning with a gentle soap-free cleanser for oily skin, follow with an oil-free moisturizer and then apply makeup, if you use any. At night time, wash with a gentle soap-free cleanser and follow with an alcohol-free toner. This helps complete the cleaning process and helps close pores. Once a week use a gentle facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

  • For dry skin, moisture is hard to come by and you don't want to deplete any from your skin by washing too frequently. Wash at night time with a gentle lotion cleanser for dry skin and follow with a moisturizer. In the morning only rinse, since cleansing may dry your skin more. Once a day cleansing is sufficient for dry skin.

  • Acne prone skin can be either dry or oily. For either, follow the information based on your skin type. Moisturizer is important for acne prone and oily skin, but make sure to use an oil-free lotion instead of heavy cream.

  • Combination skin is tricky since you have dry areas as well as oily sections on your face. Be practical and cleanse dry and oily areas appropriately.

Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

The first step for an effective sensitive skin care program, is a gentle facial cleanser for sensitive skin. If your skin is not clean, and you pile on makeup, you're asking for trouble. Your skin will look dull as dead cells, pollutants and oil clog the pores. The right SLS-free gentle facial cleanser for sensitive skin will make a world of difference between a beautiful, radiant clean and fresh skin versus a dull complexion. It's important to note that soap-free cleansers will not give you that rich lather you're used to that contain SLS. Although the lather may feel good, it can ultimately hurt your skin.

Statistics estimate one in five people suffers from sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many people are not aware they are the cause of their sensitive skin with the harsh irritating products they have been using for years.

With the many brands of sensitive skin facial cleansers available, it makes it difficult choosing the right one for you. Especially since most come with a pretty package claiming in so many words to clean away aging or problem skin.

At Cleure, our focus is simple, safe, effective and non-irritating ingredients. We formulate our products for healthy skin, no matter the type of skin it's being applied to. Cleure offers the best SLS free gentle lotion cleanser for sensitive skin. It's great for use for all skin types, including sensitive, oily or dry skin. With years of experience and a team of physicians, we are able to offer effective and non-irritating products for youthful radiant skin.

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