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how to clean sensitive skin

Best Toner & Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

The first step towards healthy skin is a clean one. Cleure best sensitive skin cleanser, face wash, and toner help you achieve youthful, healthy skin free of irritation.

Cleure Alcohol Free Toner is ideal for both dry or oily skin. Cleure sensitive skin cleansers work well for all skin types without harsh soap ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  Comfort and clean your skin while closing pores. Your skin will feel healthy and radiant without irritating ingredients. 

*Salicylate Free *Gluten Free *Fragrance Free* *Paraben Free *Hypoallergenic *Made in the USA *Ecologically Responsible *Animal Cruelty Free

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Glycerine Face/Body SLS Free Soap Face & Body Wash (Liq. Hand & Body Soap)
Price $4.95
Price $10.00
SLS Free Soap Sodium lauryl Sulfate Free Soap
Glycerin Soap: Hypoallergenic, SLS free. Three amazing types to choose from: Unscented (with organic oatmeal); Gardenia and Vanilla. 3-in-1 sodium lauryl sulfate free soap.  Use for oily skin face wash, all over body wash or as liquid hand soap.
Toner - Fresh pH Balancing Cleanser: Dry Sensitive Skin
Price $17.00
Price $18.00
Toner for Sensitive Skin Dry Sensitive Skin Face Wash
Facial Toner is the final step for cleaning your face. Alcohol free, it helps bring about the right pH for healthy skin.

Dual Action Cleanser for dry skin face & body is gentle and cleans without leaving your skin feeling irritated.


Get the Beautiful Skin You Want with Sensitive Skin Face Wash

Cleansers and toners are an important part of any skin care routine. Washing away makeup, oily buildup and debris from your skin wipes the slate clean, enabling more effective results from moisturizers and nightly skin repair creams. However, many commercial skin cleansers contain ingredients that are too harsh and irritating to those with sensitive skin. Cleure has developed cleansers that eliminate the challenge of finding safe products, giving you a gentle and soothing cleansing experience.

Use the Best Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

Our sensitive skin face wash is rich in emollients to condition and restore your skin. The list of limited ingredients makes this product the best facial cleanser for sensitive skin. Our alcohol-free, pH-balancing toner for dry skin refreshes a youthful skin tone, and this multitasking product closes up your pores and removes oils, helping your skin to retain moisture, block out elements from your tap water and reduce acne. Cleaner skin radiates as clearer, fresher and healthier skin. For more sensitive skin care advice, check out our skin care blog!

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