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Natural Mineral Paraben Free & Gluten Free Lipstick

Natural Lipstick

Made in the USA
paraben free, fragrance free, salicylate free, no animal testing, 100% guaranteed
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Lip Balm with Shea Butter Lipstick - Mineral Lipliner - Waterproof Gel Lipliner
Price $4.00
Price $19.00
Sale Price: $15.00
You save $4.00!
Price $15.00
Shea Butter Lip Balm Moisturizing Mineral Lipstick Waterproof Gel Lipliner
Shea Butter moisturizing formula
Protects lips from chafing and cracking
Imparts moisturizing color
Pure natural minerals
Keeps lipstick from smudging
Will not run
Lipstick - Mineral Lip Care Lip Gloss - Natural Mineral Shea Butter (9.5 ml/.32 oz )
Price $19.00
Price $25.00
Hypoallergenic Lipstick Natural Mineral Shea Butter Lip Gloss
NEW! Hypoallergenic, sheer finish
Locks color in place
Natural blend of minerals
Shea butter and Vitamin B5


Ingredients for the Best Mineral Paraben & Gluten Free Lipstick

Color and decorations for lips date back over 5000 years which included crushed jewels as well as color. Lipstick ingredients included dyes extracted from all sorts of sources, including animal such as beetles and ants. There are ingredients in natural mineral lip products you should look for to get the best lipsticks.

Today, natural lipstick ingredients can include minerals and iron oxides. Most consumers may not be aware that the FDA allows lipstick synthetic colors to contain low levels of lead (10 parts per million) and 3 parts per million of arsenic. This should be of concern, since most people tend to touch their lips with their tongue, and therefore swallow some of these lipstick ingredients while eating or drinking.

Cleure Natural Mineral Lipsticks contain lipstick ingredients that are clean and pure with beautiful shades and formula to help beautify your lips without toxins.