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Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care should be just that – natural. But did you know that many ‘natural’ skin care products have harmful toxins that irritate your skin and are not good for your body? As brands have expanded their product lines they have not been tested for safety. The natural skin care industry relies on their campaign that what is natural is safe, but that has been founded untrue. Your natural toothpaste or shampoo may contain antibiotics or harsh detergents and abrasives that could age you and result in skin allergies.

Cleure is a different type of beauty and personal skin care company. We strive to ensure your safety and the safety of your family through thoroughly tested products that do not have harmful chemicals or irritable ingredients. We seek to promote healthier skin and bodies by eliminating the ingredients that are known to be irritants such as salicylic acid, sodium lauryl sulfate and others. We also product fragrance free sensitive skin care products because the chemicals used to create pleasant fragrances are also a source or irritation. Our natural skin care products are hypoallergenic and you can be sure you are getting the purest and safest form of personal care items on the market today.

Dr. Flora Stay founded Cleure after a fruitless search for hypoallergenic and natural skin care products. She has been in the wellness industry for over thirty years. After graduating from the University of California at San Francisco with her doctorate degree, she knew her path was clear towards health and wellness. She became passionate about helping others learn about and take responsibility towards their health. In 1993, Dr. Stay noticed the need for a truly safe and effective toothpaste. Since then, the Cleure line has grown to include personal care, skin care and makeup.

Safer choices in using natural skin care, personal care and cosmetics lead to a healthier life. You can be beautiful without added toxins in daily used products. We develop safe and effective non-irritating products that are reasonably priced and without animal testing. You can enjoy youthful, radiant, beautiful and healthy skin, hair and a beautiful smile with Cleure all without added questionable toxins.

All of our products are salicylate free, fragrance free, ecologically responsible and hypoallergenic. We do not test any of our products on animals yet they go through vigorous testing to ensure safety. Plus, our products are made in the United States. It is time you took pride in your health and learned more about Cleure. Please feel free to browse our website and order your natural skin care products today.
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