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What is Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Moisturizer for dry skin may seem like an easy product to find, however not all moisturizers are made equal. For those with dry skin, the wrong choice in a moisturizer may make itching, dryness, and rashes even worse! This is because most moisturizers rely on chemical additives or allergen-causing botanicals for effectiveness, pleasant smell, or pleasing appearance. These chemicals, additives, and botanicals can be aggravating factors for those seeking sensitive skin care products, so that even normally dry skin gains no benefit from the moisturizer and instead can become irritated, cracked, and even more dried out. Moisturizer for dry skin can also be heavy, making your skin feel unnatural or too thick for comfort. None of these situations is ideal for those simply seeking relief and comfort for their dry skin.

Cleure has a choice of a moisturizer for dry skin that does not rely on chemicals or botanicals, but instead uses safe, natural ingredients to help alleviate skin dryness. For the face, you can choose from Day Cream or Night Cream. Both moisturizers leave skin soft and supple, providing important antioxidants to stop the distribution of free radicals that cause signs of aging. Night Cream has particularly deep conditioning properties, and both creams will leave skin feeling smooth and not oily or heavy. Regardless of whether or not you have dry or oily skin, these moisturizers are safe and hypo-allergenic.

For a moisturizer for dry skin on the body, Cleure offers a body lotion with one hundred percent shea butter, produced from the nuts of the Shea Tree. This moisturizer is fragrance free and not tested on animals and avoids harsh chemicals. This body lotion is excellent for dry skin treatment as well as for razor burn or irritated skin to soothe away redness and itchiness. Like all Cleure products, it is suitable for all skin types but is especially formulated for dry skin and to be hypoallergenic.

For even deeper moisturizing, Cleure also offers one hundred percent pure emu oil, a natural product first used by the Aborigine tribes of Australia. Emu oil is natural and Cleure’s is triple purified and certified by the American Emu Association. This oil is excellent for relief of dry skin and problem spots, though studies from the University of Australia also indicate that it may help arthritis and muscle pain, soften dry heels and cuticles, and help ease dry scalp and eczema. For the deepest skin treatment, Cleure’s Emu Oil is an excellent, natural, and gentle choice. Whether you are looking for a facial cream, body moisturizer, or deeper moisturizing treatment, Cleure offers several choices for a moisturizer for dry skin.
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