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Strive for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is a definite sign of beauty in our modern society. We value men and women who take care of themselves and who take pride in their personal appearance and hair is part of that image. We are inundated with commercials featuring models with gorgeous flowing locks, silky sleek hair styles, and bouncy beautiful curls. For men, a full head of healthy hair is considered a sign of masculinity and prowess. Regardless of the depiction, it is clear that we consider the health of our hair to be important. This need goes beyond beauty or style, however, it is also a health and comfort concern. Having good hair and scalp health can be important as it prevents itchiness, and skin irritation. A dry scalp and unhealthy hair can be irritating and physically painful or distracting it can also in some cases cause unsightly skin flaking or dandruff.

Cleure has several solutions to assist in gaining and maintaining your healthy hair and scalp, realizing that many modern over the counter shampoos and hair products rely on harsh chemicals or potentially irritating botanicals to give the products a pleasing fragrance or appearance. For example, most shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate to increase their foaming action. SLS, however, is a powerful chemical detergent that can aggravate skin conditions and allergies, particularly with consumers who require sensitive skin care. Beyond this, added fragrances, preservatives, and even “natural products” can cause scalp dryness and skin irritation that can make getting hair health under control a tough challenge.

Cleure’s shampoo contains no SLS or harsh chemical ingredients, instead relying on vitamins and gentle natural ingredients to moisturize your hair and scalp for a head of healthy hair without all of the skin irritation. Cleure’s shampoo will leave your hair soft, smooth, and silky even if it will not lather like most “traditional” shampoos. For a deeper conditioning and softness and volume building, a paired conditioner can add deep moisturizing to your hair or provide a gentle dose of daily softness. Cleure even offers styling products like a medium hold gel and the deep moisturizing oil, Emu oil, made from triple purified emu oil for the deepest moisturizing treatment for skin, scalp, and hair possible. With all of these options, consumers no longer have to rely on the detergent and chemical filled products that come from major brands and can instead find products that are gentle, natural, and safe. You do not need to sacrifice these qualities or suffer through dry and itchy or irritated skin to have . Cleure’s products allow you to experience hair health naturally and safely.
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