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Clarifying Shampoo, Clean and Pure

One way to healthy hair is with a clarifying shampoo that cleans as well as balances the moisture in your hair. Cleure healthy hair shampoo and conditioner contain gentle ingredients to help grow and maintain healthy hair. Our shampoos and conditioners are sodium lauryl sulfate free, gluten free, salicylate free and paraben free so you can be confident that your hair will be beautiful, radiant and shiny.

After an extensive and fruitless search for hypoallergenic and natural personal care products, Dr. Flora Stay chose to create a brand that cared about what chemicals and ingredients were put into its natural skin care products. Hence, was born Cleure, clean and pure. We create products designed for sensitive skin care that are non-irritating and still promote a clean and beautiful you. Our clarifying shampoo and conditioner, emu oil and styling gel all promote healthy hair and hair growth.

One thing you will discover with our clarifying shampoo is that it does not lather the same way as commercial shampoos. This is because our shampoo lacks sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh chemical that reacts to water and foams. Many people are allergic to the sulfates that are present in many hair care products. Plus, putting irritants on your skin could potentially lead to other health hazards because what goes on your skin can seep into your skin.

Our clarifying shampoo is fragrance free on top of being hypoallergenic. It is great for all hair types and will leave your hair clean without drying out your scalp. We do not test our products on animals and our hair care products are made in the United States of America. It has been rated safe by Skin Deep and Good Guide as well.

Our mission is to provide you with safe and non-irritating personal care products. That is why all of our products are botanical free and promote healthy bodies and lives. We believe that a happy person is a healthy person. How can you be happy when your skin is too dry or itches or breaks out in a rash? That is why our products are formulated to give you the best results while keeping your sensitive skin free of harmful chemicals and abrasive ingredients.

Our customer reviews of our shampoo and other personal care products rave about how it brings life back to their hair and how it does not irritate their sensitive skin.  You can be free of irritants and know you are getting clean and healthy hair, skin and body with Cleure products.

It is time you looked into Cleure and noted the benefits of our products. We look forward to educating you about the harsh chemicals in commercial products and making you a wise shopper. Order your clarifying shampoo today and get started towards a happier and healthier you.
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