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For many people, finding a product that they can use on their sensitive skin without causing more damage is extremely difficult. Oily skin is often associated with acne and the market is flooded with products that promise to “dry up” excess oil so that acne goes away. When a product causes skin to become dry, flaky and irritated, they may assume it is working the way it was meant to. What many people don’t realize is that they are probably suffering from a salicylate allergy.
Reports of salicylate allergy are on the rise and many of the people who have this reaction to products don’t even realize that it is this specific ingredient that is the cause. Since these products are labeled as “natural” they assume that they are completely safe. In reality, they may contain antibiotics or harsh detergents and abrasives so that using a “natural” skin cream can have the opposite of the desired affect and age your skin. Salicylate allergy is another risk when you choose one of these products without questioning what the actual ingredients are.
At, you can get the salicylate-free products that will ensure you don’t have to worry about a salicylate allergy that will age skin and cause irritation. Their line of skin-care products include the cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, scrubs, and masks, and other products that you need to meet your skin care needs without the salicylate that can cause salicylate allergy. Cleure’s sensitive gentle skin cleanser and alcohol free toner are made for dry sensitive skin to remove impurities and clean gently without stripping your skin of natural oils. The toner is alcohol free and cleans pores for polished, beautiful skin.

Cleure for acne prone skin offers solutions for all types of skin without the risk of salicylate allergy. Rather than basing these products on skin type, they are designed to help all types of unhealthy skin become healthy. These are non-irritating formulas that can be used on a regular basis to clean skin and provide it with essential nutrients that will help you develop acne-free skin. Since there is no risk of salicylate allergy when using these products, you can use them regularly without irritating sensitive skin. Acne prone skin is annoying and can be downright embarrassing. Having the freedom to safely use these products and get great results without the irritation of other products can give you beautiful, clear skin.

Go to to start caring for your sensitive, acne prone, or aging skin without the worry of salicylate allergy. Their products are also gluten free and paraben free for truly healthy skin care. Cleure also makes their products more affordable than some of the celebrity endorsed brands that don’t offer the same protection against salicylate allergy. They offer you a better, safer way to take care of your skin. When you place your order, be certain to check out the 4 Easy Steps for acne prone skin care. Use your new products as outlines to get the best results and smooth, radiant skin that you will love!

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