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For millions of people with sensitive skin, hives, acne, blemishes and rosacea can ruin their appearance. If you have had difficulty in finding products that give you the results you want without irritating your skin, you will find the salicylate free makeup from Cleure will give you better results. Salicylate free makeup is a healthier alternative to the numerous cosmetics that contain the ingredient. Salicylate can irritate skin so that it never has the smooth, flawless finish that you desire.

There are increasing numbers of reports of salicylate allergies although many people never realize what ingredient is present in their cleansers or makeup that is causing their skin’s response. Many of the cosmetic lines available in department stores have not been tested adequately for safety. You will also enjoy the competitive pricing of Claure’s salicylate free makeup. Those companies that rely on famous celebrities to advertise their products must charge more for their products, even if the quality doesn’t demand it. When you use sali cylate free makeup, you will be providing your skin with the quality ingredients to make it look and feel better than ever before!

The skin around your eyes is especially delicate. The salicylate free makeup is a better choice in mascara, eye shadow, and more. The pressed eye shadow is hypoallergenic, crease-proof, and oil free. Choose from alabaster, bronze, moonstone, and topaz for your ideal colors. For the ultimate choice in sali cylate free makeup shadow for your eyes, the Quad Shadow offers you four beautiful colors in one easy-to-transport compact. Shade, contour, and highlight while adding Vitamins A and E to condition and protect your eyelids.

There are many choices from the salicylate free makeup collection to add drama to your eyes. Cleure offers a brow perfecting pencil will let you define and shape your brows to beauty. They also offer safe and hypoallergenic mascara with pro-vitamin B5 that is a good choice for even the most sensitive eyes. The mineral bleed-free eyeliner pencil is colored with 100% pure mineral pigment and is formulated especially for sensitive skin. Choose from regular size or mini size to take along conveniently in your purse.

All of the salicylate free makeup from Cleure is a good choice for all types and ages of skin. With only the finest ingredients, it provides you with the beautiful results that every woman wants from her makeup while providing you with a selection of makeup that is actually good for your skin. Salicylate free makeup and cleansers can be used frequently without the concern of irritation or clogging pores that occurs from using other makeup on the market. From the loose minerals foundation to the loose mineral sheer silk blush, every item in the Cleure line will provide you with nothing but great, fresh looks.

Go to to browse the selection of salicylate free makeup and learn more about the importance of using makeup with healthy ingredients. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality makeup that will help improve the looks of your skin. You just need to make the right choice with Cleure salicylate free makeup.
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