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Uncomfortable skin is distracting, and for many, itchy, red skin, or skin rashes can become miserable. Pinning down what is causing some the problem is often difficult. The skin is exposed to so many different elements during the day that allergy could be caused from a variety of problems. Clothing, laundry products, or another possibility that many people never suspect, that being their underarm deodorant, could cause underarm discomfort. Switching to a hypoallergenic deodorant can make a difference for those experiencing problems with symptoms of sensitive skin or allergy. A hypoallergenic deodorant performs the same as other products, but without the chemicals that can aggravate the skin.

Deodorants are applied to counteract body odor that are caused by bacterial growth, which produce an unpleasant smell. Antiperspirants also affect body order by actually preventing sweating in the underarm area. While bacteria caused by sweat is normal, allowing body odor isn’t pleasant for anyone, and can damage self-esteem. Hypoallergenic deodorant differs from other products that used only in that some chemicals do not go into the manufacture of the product. In looking at the ingredients of products that don’t fit the hypoallergenic deodorant label, it is easy to see why some individuals can have a problem.

In the case of antiperspirants, there are some who feel that using these products can be especially harmful for those who experience sensitive skin. The problem is with the very chemicals used such as aluminum salts are often used in some deodorants as well. For many these salts cause contact dermatitis or an inflammation of the skin. Deodorant crystals can also contain synthetics made from potassium alum which are also an irritant to the skin. An item not created as a hypoallergenic deodorant product might also contain alcohol, which is not only irritating to the skin it also has a drying effect. Aluminum on the other hand is also drying, and is one of the few elements found in nature that has absolutely no benefit to human health. The use of a hypoallergenic deodorant avoids this risk.

So serious is the risk for some from deodorants or antiperspirants that use aluminum salts that the FDA warns those people with renal dysfunction that daily use of antiperspirant products containing aluminum poses a danger. The same chemicals also have an effect on clothing. Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex typically found in many antiperspirant products reacts with sweat and stains clothing. The use of hypoallergenic deodorant is better for clothing in that these stains are avoided. At the same time, the use of hypoallergenic deodorant does the same job at eliminating odor more naturally.

Companies that specialize in products for sensitive skin such as Cleure carry products that are safer and more natural to use. When picking up a hypoallergenic deodorant from a retail store or shop it is important to look at the label and be cautious that certain ingredients such as aluminum might still be used. Specialty stores and online businesses often offer a better deal in that all products specifically created for those with sensitive skin are more likely to have no ingredients that can cause drying or allergy.
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