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For years, many people have complained of mysterious ailments that included fatigue, rashes, and stomach problems. What has recently been discovered is that many more people than ever realized suffer from allergies to gluten. Using gluten free skin care products helps to minimize expose to this protein. Along with a diet that excludes certain foods and gluten free skin care products, it is possible to have smoother, healthier skin that is more comfortable.

The reason that gluten finds its way into many products including makeup is this is the protein that comes from grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. This is thought of a “stretchy” protein that easily captures carbon dioxide that’s released from yeast. This same component causes the dough to rise when bread is made. The allergy that many people have to these types of breads or other foods containing wheat, rye, or barley is this protein. Gluten free skin care products do not contain this protein and use other materials to bind the ingredients together. When gluten is eaten the most common result is gastrointestinal problems. Eating gluten can also result in skin problems, and fatigue. There is also evidence that suggests that gluten can cause a reaction even when absorbed on the skin. For those who have this sensitivity using gluten free skin care products is recommended.

Along with using gluten free skin care products, it is recommended for anyone with sensitivity to avoid toothpaste, lipstick, malt, vitamins, and prescription drugs containing this protein. According to those who have this issue, while finding products and food that are completely free of gluten can be difficult, the results in health and appearance are worth the occasional challenges. Gluten free skin care products from companies such as Cleure can help the appearance of skin, and keep those with sensitivity healthier.

Celiac disease is a serious form of sensitivity to gluten. It is often seen in association with other health issues such as diabetes. For those with the condition, damage to the small intestine can create a situation prohibiting the absorption of vitamins into the body. Anemia, muscle cramps, and rashes are also frequent symptoms. Avoiding gluten in any form, many have started checking products and using only gluten free skin care products. It’s also beneficial to those who have autoimmune issues other than celiac disease to switch to gluten free skin care products or products that are geared for sensitive skin in order to avoid chemicals or natural agents that are too harsh or drying.

One such issue is dermatitis herpetiformis that affects many who have other signs of gluten sensitivity. This condition results in an itchy skin rash occasionally with blisters that occurs lower part of the body, elbows and knees. Along with antibiotics, for the rash treatment is typically removing gluten from the diet and switching to gluten free skin care products. Particular attention should be paid to switching to gluten free skin care products if this condition is a possibility. Gluten free skin care products such as foundation, lipstick, and toothpaste are especially important.

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