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Unexplained breakouts, redness, itching, or rashes on the skin are not only annoying, they can be frightening too. Often doctors facing the many different possibilities of causes will simply tell patients to avoid beauty products as well as a long list of other possibilities. Many patients who realize they have gluten allergies know to look for gluten free cosmetics, but for those who aren’t aware that topical use of gluten products could be a cause are left wondering what is available for that offers less risk of reaction. Gluten free cosmetics can be the answer to many who find that many other products cause skin problems.

Those with known reactions to digesting gluten know that a number of unpleasant symptoms can result after exposure including digestive problems, migraines, lethargy, and skin problems. For those who aren’t aware that topical application of gluten is causing an allergic reaction, the reddening, toughening of the skin, or rash is a mystery. Contact dermatitis is the name for these types of symptoms and they can be produced by a number of chemicals or allergens no matter how naturally these are found. Just as it is possible to have an allergy after eating strawberries, or walking through a field of flowers it is possible to have a topical reaction to natural ingredients. Gluten free cosmetics from specific companies like Cleure can eliminate some of this risk.

Along with allergies, breakouts are a common problem for those who have some form of gluten sensitivity. As well as having internal issues topically, problems can include autoimmune reactions. Break outs, acne, and other skin problems have been linked to many types of exposure to gluten. If not warned by a doctor to use gluten free cosmetics many patients never consider looking closely at lipstick that can be digested, or any make up that can come in contact with mucus membranes. Any type of make up is in fact to some degree absorbed into the skin. This is not an issue with the gluten free cosmetics.

Gluten free cosmetics offer less risk for those who have trouble with gluten either externally or internally. For those who are experiencing breakouts or rashes another item to try are those gluten free cosmetics that don’t leave a residue on the skin. Powder forms of gluten free cosmetics work better for many people than other products since it leaves little residue on the skin, and is less readily absorbed while wearing.

When looking for gluten free cosmetics, shop with those who are clear about what ingredients are used in the product. Consider anything that is applied to the skin for any purpose other than medical use as a cosmetic. Along with lipsticks and foundations, it is best to use gluten free cosmetics at all times. Sunscreen, moisturizer, masks, acne care, and body care cosmetics should always, if possible, remain free of gluten. Over the counter products that can’t be found locally are sometimes found online. When searching for online products look for those that offer customer support, and clearly spell out their returns policy.

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