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Human skin has the tough job of protecting bones, muscles, and organs from any number of pathogens. While typically this task is performed easily, those products that are used on the skin are still being absorbed into the body. Gluten free beauty products can help protect those who experience problems when certain substances are absorbed into the body. Fortunately, while this might mean having to look harder for beauty products, there are other benefits to using them than found in many other over the counter aids.

Some people who suffer from gluten allergies have a condition know as celiac disease. This health problem can result in a reaction to wheat, barley, and rye. Exposure to these foods can cause intestinal pain, stomach disorders, and other problems. Some have more serious reactions, but no matter the severity it is important those who have celiac disease avoid gluten whenever possible. Gluten free beauty products such as lipstick and toothpaste, which are frequently to some degree ingested, should be used. Gluten free beauty products should also be looked into for other reasons.

For those with celiac disease it should be noted that the skin is known to absorb roughly 60% of beauty products that are applied. While lipstick commonly finds a direct path into the body, gluten absorbed through the skin in large amounts could result in symptoms of this condition. Using gluten free beauty products can aid in avoiding the risk of exposure to something that is known to complicate the health of those who can’t digest or rid the body of gluten. The use of gluten free products is another means of self-protection and guarding health. For even those who don’t have celiac disease however, there can be complications from using products that contain harsh chemicals or gluten.

While it is the task of the skin to protect the body from chemicals or compounds that can cause harm to internal organs, the skin itself is always at risk. Harsh chemicals can cause dryness, redness, rashes, or other issues. Anything that clogs the pores or that can create an environment where bacteria can thrive is a problem for the skin. When experience these issues few people think to check packaging of beauty aids for possible risk factors. When experiencing unexplained rashes or skin problems switching to gluten free beauty products like those from Cleure can offer a possible solution.

For those with conditions that cause gluten irritations and those who don’t suffer from this problem there are other reasons to avoid certain products. There are gluten free products that also do not contain other ingredients that can cause allergic reaction. Botanicals, even those touted as being beneficial to the skin can cause a reaction for some people. While these products have a pleasant aroma from flowery scents, they can cause a reaction in some individuals. When seeking out the cause of allergic reactions of the skin gluten free beauty products that leave out other risky ingredients such as harsh chemicals or botanicals is a good idea.
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