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In taking care of the teeth, there are times when some people accidentally do more harm than good. Most think of the teeth only in the matter of their appearance, and do not take into consideration how important it is to keep them healthy and strong. Using harsh chemicals on the teeth can be damaging, and this includes many of the ingredients found in many products used on a daily basis. Looking into products that use less of these chemicals such as fluoride free toothpaste is a means of protecting not only a good smile, but also the overall health of the body. Fluoride free toothpaste is also often free of other chemicals that can damage not only the smile, but also overall health.

Harsh Chemicals in Bleaching

Tooth whitening has become a popular method of achieving white teeth, but many who have followed this practice have discovered a few problems. After years of using these products, some have found that their teeth have taken on a bluish tinge rather being truly a pearly white. The reason for this unnatural color is that while children have natural white teeth adults darken due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth. When products are used repeatedly, damage to the enamel of the teeth is likely. This results in sometimes painful sensitivity to hot and cold, hastening of decay, and even some risk of cancer. Using a fluoride free toothpaste doesn’t damage the enamel, and the use of fluoride free toothpaste does not pose a cancer risk.

Harsh Chemicals in Toothpaste

Using fluoride free toothpaste makes sense for most people. While fluoride can slow down decay of the teeth, too much fluoride can actually cause the very discoloration and darkening that most users wish to avoid. Since fluoride is found in the drinking water of many cities around the world, there is also some risk to the human body from too much fluoride. Research has suggested that overuse of fluoride can result in issues throughout the body including the brain, bones, kidney, and thyroid. Using fluoride free toothpaste lowers the exposure to this chemical.

Side Effects of Fluoride

Using a fluoride free toothpaste can make even more sense for those with compromised immunity or who experience any type of condition that limits the body’s ability to expel toxins rapidly. In the case of fluoride, problems can include allergic reactions, hypersensitivity, skin irritations, and gastrointestinal illnesses. Those with immune compromised conditions like diabetics are more likely to experience issues if not using fluoride free toothpaste. The key to using the right fluoride free toothpaste is to find an effective cleansing product including those offered by companies such as Cleure, that is free of harsh chemicals.

Using Better Ingredients

Those wanting to start using fluoride free toothpaste should look for those that clean well and offer benefits such as fresh breath and stronger teeth. A fluoride, free toothpaste can contain xylitol that works to prevent cavities, and reduces other issues such as dry mouth. Baking soda, an ingredient in some toothpaste without fluoride, helps to neutralize harmful acids that can cause gum problems, surface stains, and decay.
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