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Find the Best Foundation for Oily Skin

The best foundation for oily skin is one that contains gentle, simple ingredients without additional oil to minimize both skin irritation and additional oil buildup in your skin. In addition to this, makeup needs to have good coverage to even skin tones, minimize fine lines and blemishes, and highlight your features. The makeup aisle can be a bewildering array of new and improved formula, all guaranteeing the best coverage and finish, but choosing one of these can mean that you are getting a lot more chemicals and an unknown result. Particularly with oily skin, choosing your foundation can be a challenge as some makeup foundations make oil production even worse! The best foundation for oily skin that still has good coverage can be difficult to find.

You have two options for oily skin appropriate foundations. The first is an oil free foundation and the second is loose powder mineral makeup. Cleure’s oil free foundation is free of most ingredients that typically irritate skin, making it safe and hypoallergenic and the best foundation for oily skin. Liquid matte foundation from Cleure is oil free, and can also be used as a concealer for blemishes under a loose foundation. Available in six different shades, this foundation is formulated to be non-irritating and is salicylate and gluten free. It works for all skin types, specially for oily or combination skin as it will not add additional heavy feel to oily skin. It conceals and covers blemishes with smooth, matte coverage and is an excellent foundation in a easy to use liquid format.

Your other foundation option for oily skin is the use of loose mineral powder makeup. Loose mineral powder makeup relies on crushed minerals mixed to provide coverage, concealing power, and natural, non-irritating ingredients. This makes loose mineral powder the other choice for a best foundation for oily skin. Loose mineral foundation can seem like a challenge to apply, however with some easy steps to follow and a little practice, it can give natural, flawless results that are long lasting and safe for your skin.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two of the natural ingredients, even help provide SPF twenty protection against harmful rays of the sun. Loose mineral makeup from Cleure is talc free, salicylate free, gluten free, dye free, and paraben free, making it good for both sensitive and oily skin. You can even sleep in loose mineral makeup without worrying about it harming your skin.

Loose mineral makeup from Cleure is available in several shades and can be mixed for even more specific and subtle skin shades. The best foundation for oily skin, whether you choose a liquid or loose mineral powder, is from Cleure.
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