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Very Sensitive Skin Treatment: The Right One for You

Very sensitive skin should choose treatment very carefully.  The right program for your face requires education and patience.

When using most skin care products, if you experience stinging, burning, redness and itching, you may have very sensitive skin. If you have tried many different products and treatments to help with your sensitive skin, you probably know by now, this is not an easy task.  In order to find the right sensitive skin treatment , it is a good idea to find out the cause of your sensitive skin. Next you want to learn what products work best for you.

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Cause of Sensitive Skin:

  • Immune system problems can be one cause for thin, problem, sensitive skin. Allergic skin reaction, eczema, hives, rosacea or allergic dermatitis can fall into this category.

  • You may be born with thin skin that is easily injured or irritated. This may be due to genetic factors.

  • Excessive exposure to sun, wind, heat or cold for long periods of time, can eventually lead to skin problems.

  • Exposing your delicate skin for long periods of time to harsh and irritating ingredients in products.

  • Types of Sensitive Skin Treatment

    Healthy skin is important for men and women of all ages. For severe sensitive skin problems, you should consult with a dermatologist. The dermatologists may conduct patch testing to identify the cause or what is causing sensitive skin. You may be prescribed medicated creams or drugs for a limited time to help. Usually, it's not that simple, since there may be many contributing factors.
    To help prevent sensitive skin and for daily program to help with sensitive skin problems, there are certain information you should be aware of. Tips for Care of Sensitive Skin

    Not everyone responds the same when it comes to skin care products. However, when it comes to products used daily, follow the these tips:

  • Cleansing - Stay away from harsh soaps that contain fragrance or used to control odor. Soap-free (SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate free) soaps are best. Mild soaps and liquid facial cleansers tend to have a lower pH when is better for your sensitive skin.

  • Sensitive skin moisturizer that is non-irritating and helps keep moisture on your skin to prevent drying is good. Stay away from moisturizers with salicylic acid, which may be used to control redness, but can cause skin problems when used over long periods of time. Avoid alcohol and antibacterial ingredients.

  • At Cleure, we believe all skin deserves to be healthy. We don't differentiate between types, but offer only the best for all skin.

  • Gentle non-irritating cleanser that results in a healthy glow.

  • Moisturizers to hydrate and lock in moisture effectively for silky smooth skin

  • Sunscreen with natural ingredients.

  • You do not need to live with sensitive problem skin. Take control of your problem skin by using the right sensitive skin treatment that gives you beautiful results.

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