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Toothpaste Without SLS

Toothpaste without SLS has become popular recently.  Most commercial toothpaste contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  This industrial detergent has been linked to canker sores and allergies.  Read on as to why you should use sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste.

There are several causes of canker sores. Trauma or damage is one of the causes. By causing microscopic damage to oral tissue, studies have reported SLS can cause outbreak of canker sores. Once you change to a toothpaste without SLS, within a period of three months, you should see a reduction of these outbreaks.

SLS may also be linked to bad breath. Whether in toothpaste or shampoo, SLS has a drying effect. If used daily through your toothpaste, it may lead to dry mouth and eventually, bad breath. Bad breath is linked to dry mouth, because it promotes build up of plaque. Plaque is that soft clear film that covers the teeth and gums. It's made of bacteria and food debris. The more your mouth is the perfect environment to attract plaque, the more susceptible you are to bad breath.

Saliva helps keep the mouth at a neutral pH. Bacteria love an acid environment. The drier your mouth is, the more acidic the pH becomes. Using a toothpaste without SLS may be less foamy, but your mouth will be healthier and your smile brighter. Cleure Toothpaste without SLS is also fluoride free and formulated to be affective and even safe enough to swallow. Children under the age of four cannot spit and end up swallowing most of harsh chemicals in the sweet candy tasting children's toothpaste. Your whole family will get great dental checkups with Cleure Toothpaste without SLS.

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