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Don't put up with Scaly Skin

The causes of scaly skin are plentiful. It could be because your skin is too dry. It might be because of an irritation or rash. It could be the lack of vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Cleure can help you turn your scaly and dry skin into smooth and moisturized skin without irritation.

Dr. Flora Stay founded Cleure after a fruitless search for beauty and natural skin care products that turned out to be harmful to some and irritating to others. She discovered that just because an item claims to be natural does not mean it is rid of harsh chemicals and irritants. This multi-billion dollar industry is overlooked for its potential irritating ingredients. You could be developing sensitive and scaly skin with what is in your cosmetic bag.

We have a line up of sensitive skin care products to help combat your scaly skin. We offer sulfate free soap, moisturizers, sunscreens and vitamin and mineral supplements to bring back the natural luster and moisture of your skin. Our products are hypoallergenic and salicylate free, paraben free and fragrance free to reduce the irritation from harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals.

Our goal is to inform you of the potential hazards of harsh ingredients and their side effects. We want you to be a wise shopper. We are proud of our natural skin care product line because it is made in the United States of America and designed for people of all ages with all different skin types. Our products are designed to turn your dry, scaly skin into healthy, glowing skin without making your skin feel oily.

We feel you should understand the harsh realities of the chemicals that are used in many personal care and beauty products. Our website is a wealth of information on the different chemicals generally seen in certain products and how they could be potentially harmful to your health. You can also read about Cleure and Dr. Stay as well as her blog and many health topics that could be important to you.

Safer choices in using skin care, personal care and cosmetics lead to a healthier life. You can enjoy youthful, radiant, beautiful and healthy skin, hair and a beautiful smile with Cleure, without added questionable toxins. What you put on your skin, does go into your body and it is our commitment to make sure what goes on your skin is safe while still being effective. Make the safe and clear choice with Cleure. It is time you converted your scaly skin to radiant, beautiful and healthy skin with Cleure.
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